Tim Ray (Canada - BC, Vancouver)

The Raymen  (W. Germany - Berlin)

Raymilland  (US - MO, St. Louis)

Razar  (Australia - Brisbane, QLD)

Razar  (UK - London)

The Razor Blades (Denmark - Odense)

Razorcuts    (UK - London)                      

Razors (W. Germany - Hamburg)

Der Rib (W. Germany)

The Razz  (Japan)                                                           

Razz  (US - WA D.C.)

Razzia  (W.Germany - Hamburg)

Razzia   Sweden)

Razzia  (Sweden - Stomni)

Razzia  (Italy)

Razzle Dazzle  (France - Neuilly plaisance)

Re Zist    (Japan - Nagano)

Reach Out  (US - NYC)

Reach Out (US - CA, Northeren)

Reach Out (Hungary)

Rea Respirator  (Sweden - Tranås)

Rebel  (UK / N. Ireland)

Rebel  (Japan - Sendai City)

The Rebel  (UK)

Rebels and Infidels (US - CA, Oakland)

Rebels   (Switzerland)

Rebel Truce  (UK)

Rebel Truth  (US - CA, Sacramento)

The Rebels  (Germany)  

R.D.A.  (Philippines)

The Reaction  (UK - London)

The Reaction  (Canada - St. John's, NL)

The Reaction  (UK - Bristol)

Rebel'd Punk  (Mexico - Mexico City)

Reclaim  (Sweden)

Reaction Unit (S. Africa - Cape Town)

The Reactions (US - OH, Cleveland)

The Reactions (US - FL,  Ft. Lauderdale)

Los Reactors (US - OK, Tulsa)  

The Reactors (US - CA,  San Bernardino)  

The Reactors

(US - CT, Bridgeport --> NYC)

Read Yellow  (US)

Ben Reagan  (US - PA, York)

Reagan Burger   (France - Limoges)

Reagan Youth  (US -  NYC)

Reaktio  (Finland)

Reaktion  (Germany - Potsdam)  

Real  (Japan - Tokyo)

Real Enemy    (US - PA, Pittsburgh)

The Real Kids  (US - MA, Boston)

The Real McKenzies  

(Canada - BC, Vancouver)

The Real Traitors  

(Australia - Sydney, NSW)

Reality  (UK - Newcastle)                    

Reality  (UK - East Anglia)

Reality  (Italy)                                                              

Reality Control  (UK - Newcastle)

Reality Crisis (Japan - Nagoya, Aichi)

Really 3rds (UK - Wales)

Really Red  (US - TX,  Houston)

The Realtors  (US - CA, Santa Cruz)

Rearrangement  (US - MO, KS City)

Rea Respirator   (Sweden - Tranås)

Reason to Believe  

(US - CA, Los Angeles)

The Reasons (US -  NYC)

Jay Reatard  (US - MO, Lilbourm)

Reatards  (US - TNMemphis)

Rebel Army (UK - Milton Keynes)

Rebel-Revel  (Japan)

Rebels Religion   (UK)

The Receptacles  (US - WA D.C.)

The  Recipients  (US - TX, Houston)  

Reckoning Force  (UK - Margate)

The Record Players  (UK - Margate)

The Records  (UK - London)

Reckless Deerhunters  (US)

Rectifier  (US - CO, Colorado Springs)

Rectify    (UK - Newport, Wales)

Rectify  (Germany)

The Reds  (US - PA, Philadelphia)

Red Alert  (UK - Sunderland)

Red Asphalt  (US - CA,  San Francisco)

Red Ball Jets  (US - WI, Milwaukee)

Red Beret  (US - CA,  Los Angeles)

Red Buckets  (US - PA, Philadelphia)

Red Card  (Russia)

Red Decade   (US - OH, Cleveland)

Red Delicious  (US - IL,  Bridgeport)

Redd Kross   (US - CA, Los Angeles)

The Red District  (Canada)

Red Fetish  (UK - Stoke-On-Trent)

Red Guitars   (United Kingdom - Hull)

Red Hot Chili Peppers  

(US - CA, Los Angeles)

Red House   (US - MN, Minneapolis)

Red Letter Day  (UK - Portsmouth)

Red Letters  (UK - Edinburgh, Scotland)

The Red Lights  (UK - London)

Red London  (UK - Sunderland)

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry  (UK - Leeds)

Red Mass  (Canada - Montreal, Québec)

Red Menace  (US - SC, Columbia)

Rednecks In Pain  (US - TN, Nashville)

Redness   (US - OH, Cleveland)

Red Rage   (United Kingdom - London)

Red Riot   (Thiailand)

Red Rockers  

(US - LA, New Orleans-> CA,Los Angeles)

Red Scare  (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Red Squares  (US - AZ, Phoenix)

The Red Squares  

(Canada - Ottawa, Ontario)

Red Stripe (UK)

Red threads  (US - OH, Columbus)

Red Tide  (Canada - BC, Victoria)

Red Transistors  (US - PA, State College)

Red Wedding (US)

Red Zebra  (Belgium - Bruges)

Redskins  (UK - York)

The Reducers  (US - CT, New London)

The Reducers  (UK - Lancashire)

The Reflection A.O.B. (UK - Essex)

Reflector  (China - Beijing)

The Reflections  (UK - London)

The Reflectors  (US - CA, Los Angelas)

Reflex From Pain  (US - CT,  Bridgeport)

I Refuse It!   (Italy - Florence)

Refuseniks  (US)

The Refuzors   (US - WA, Seattle)

Regal Zone   (United Kingdom)

Regents    (United Kingdom - London)

Regional Confusion(US - CA,  Los Angeles)

Regres    (Poland  -  Częstochowa)

Regulators Canada - London, Ontario)

Regulations  (Sweden - Umea)

The Regulators  (UK - Southend-on-Sea)

Regulators  (New Zealand - Auckland)

Reich Orgasm   (France - Oréans)

The Lou Reichner Band  (UK - Exeter)

Reig (Italy - Macerata)

Reign of Terror  (US - CA, Los Angeles)

The Reind Dears  (US - WA D.C.)

The Reivers  (US - TX, Austin)

Rhythm And Faith  (UK - London)

Rejected  (UK - Clwyd, Wales)

Rejection Society (Ecuador)

Rejectors  (US - WA, Seattle)

The Rejects (US - TX,  San Antonio)

The Rejects  (UK)

Rejestracja (Poland - Torun)

Rejex  (Australia - Sydney, NSW)

Rejex  (Singapore)

Rejuvenate (US - NYC)

The Relatives

(Australia - Melbourne, VIC)

Release (US - NJ,  Edison)

Religious As Fuck  (US)

Religious Insanity  (US)

Religious Overdose

(UK - Northampton)

Religious Overdose  (Switzerland)

Remains (Australia - Tasmania)

Remo Voor   (W. Germany - Berlin)

Remod  (US)

Renegade  (UK)


(Australia - Melbourne, VIC)

Renegades (UK - Birmingham)

Rendez-Vous  (France)

Robert Rental

(UK - Port Glasgow, Scotland)

The Rentals (US - MA, Boston)

The Rentals (US - NY)

Mike Rep and the Quotas

(US - OH, Columbus)

Repeat Repeat (Denmark - Copenhagen)

The Repellents (US - IN, Anderson)

The Replacements

(US - MN,  Minneapolis)

Replica   (US - CA, Oakland)

Os Replicantes  (Brazil)

Reports   (US - MA, Cambridge)

The Repos    (US - IL, Chicago)

Los Reprimidos  (Chile)

Reptile House (US - MD, Baltimore)

Reptile House  

(US - AZ, Tucson-> OH, Columbus)

Reptile Ranch   (UK - Cardiff, Wales)

Reptiles At Dawn   (New Zealand)

Repulsives   (Belgium)

The Reruns   (US - MI, Hamtramck)

Research Library  

(US  - CA, San Francisco)

The Resistance (US - OR, Eugene)

Resistance (Indonesia)

The Resistance  (Canada - BC, Victoria)

Resistance 77  (UK - Nottingham)

La Resistencia  (Spain)

The Residents  (US - CA, San Francisco)

The Resistors   (Ireland - Dublin)

Kristen Resning  (US - GA, Savannah)


Resource Group  (US - GA, Savannah)

The Rest (W. Germany - Berlin)

Rest In Pain   (UK - Bath)

Rest In Pieces   (US - NYC)

Restless (US)

Restarts  (UK, Bath)

Restos de Nada  (Brazil - São Paulo)

Restos de Tragedia  (Colombia - Medellín)

End Result  (US - IL, Chicago)

The Result (Canada - Hamilton, Ontario)

Retainers  (US -  Minnesota, Minneapolis)

Revenge 88 (Belgium)

Reverend Beat-Man  (Switzerland)

Reverand Horton Heat  (US - TX, Dallas)

Reversal Of Man  (US - FL, Tampa)

Revilers (US -  MA, Eastham)

The Revillos (UK)

Ken Revoltaire (Denmark)

Revolution Bummer  (US - CA, SF)

The Rezillos    (Scotland)

RF7  (US)    

Rhino 39  (US)

Rhythm Activism  

(Canada - Montreal, Quebec)

The Rhythm Methodists (UK)

Rhythm Mission  

(Canada - BC, Vancouver)

Rhythm Pigs  

(US - TX, El Paso-> CA,San Francisco)

The Ribcage Wrestlers  

(Australia - Adelaide, SA)

Ricdu's Chaos (France - Montmorency)

Rich and Famous (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Rich Kids (UK - London)

Rich Kids on LSD  (US - CA)  

Rich White Males  (US)  

Richard III (France)

Richard Hell & The Voidoids (US)

Richard Papiercuts  (US - NYC)

Richard and the Taxmen  (UK - Rotherham)

Richie Dagger  (Netherlands)

The Ricochets  (UK - London)

Ridicule (UK)

RIF (Sweden - Fagersta)

Rif  (Germany)

The Riffs (UK)

Rifle Sport  (US - MN,  Minneapolis)

Rights of the Accused

(US - IL, Chicago)

Rigidez Kadaverika   (Argentina)

Rigoletto   (W. Germany - Düsseldorf)

Rigorous Institution  

(US - OR, Portland)

Riistetyt   (Finland - Tampere)

Rik L. Rik  (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Rim Shout  (W. Germany - Dortmund)

Ring 13   (US - IL, DeKalb)

Ring of Fire  (US - NYC)

The Rings  (UK - London)

Rinjyu Zange  (Japan - Tokyo, Fuchu)

Infa Riot  (UK - London)

Riot (Germany)

The Riot  (Czech Republic)

The Riots  (Jamaican)

Riot .303 (Canada - Alberta, Calgary)

Riot 83 (UK - Chippenham)

Riot III (New Zealand)

Riot Squad (UK - Mansfield)

Riot Squad SA (S. Africa - Cape Town)

Riot/Clone  (UK - Ashford)

Riotous Brothers (UK - Cardiff, Wales)

RIP   (US)


(Spain - Arrasate Basque Country)


RIP  (Australia)

Rip Off  (Italy - Bologna)

The Rip-Offs  (US - CA, San Francisco)

Rip It Up  (France - Grenoble)

Ripchords (US - AL,  Birmingham)

The Ripchords  (UK - Bath)

Ripchordz  (Canada - Montreal)

Ripcord   (UK - Weston-Super-Mare)

The Riptides  (Australia - Brisbane, QLD)

The Riptides  (US)

Rise (US - Los Angeles, CA)

The Risk (Channel Islands - Guernsey)

Rites of Spring (US - WA D.C.)

Ritual (UK - Harlow)

The Rivals  (UK - Ramsgate)

The Rival Mob (US - MA, Boston)

The Riverdales  (US)

Rivers Edge (US)

Rivolta Dell' Odio  (Italy - Ancona)

Rixie  (France - Paris)

Róże Europy (Poland - Warsaw)

Roach Motel  (US - FL,  Gainesville)

Roadkill   (US - CA,  Berkeley)

Roadside Petz  

(US - MD, Lexington Park)

Robert and the Remoulds

(UK - Slough)

Rock (Finland)

Rock Bottom and the Spys  

(US - CA, Los Angeles)

Tommy Rock  

(US - CA,  Los Angeles)

Rock Bottom & The Spys  (US)

The Rock and Roll Bitches  

(Canada - Edmonton, Alberta)

The Rock N Roll Rats (Canada)

Rock City    (US - NYC)

The Rockers  

(US -  CA, San Francisco)

Rocket from the Tombs  

(US - OH, Cleveland)

Rocks (Australia - Sydney, NSW)

Roeg Toeg  (Netherlands)

Roger Rackett  (US)

Rogues  (US - MI, Detroit)

Roht (Iceland - Reykjavik)

The Roidz

(US - FL, West Palm Beach)

Alvaro  Pena-Rojas  (Chili)

Roht  (Iceland - Reykjavík)

Rojnes   (Sweden - Strängnäs)

Rok Tots   (US - CO, Denver)

Rolands Gosskör  (Sweden)

Rolf & Revoltorerna  (Sweden)

Rolling Bowling  (China - Beijing)

Henry Rollins  (US - WA D.C.)

Romans   (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Romantic Gorrilla  (Japan)

The Romford Stompers    (UK)

Romper Room Rejects  

(US - CA, San Francisco)

Romskip (Norway)

Rondos (Netherlands - Rotterdam)

Ronnie & the Rayguns  

(US - CA, San Francisco)

The Room   (UK - Liverpool)

The Room 101   (Italy)

Room 9   (United States)

Room Service (US - LA, New Orleans)

The Rooms   (US - NY, Long Island)

Rorschach   (US - New Jersey)

Rose Jets   (Japan - Nagoya)

Rose of Victory  (UK - Stockport)

Rose Rose   (Japan - Tokyo)

Rosemary's Babies   (US - NJ,  Lodi)

Jeri Rossi   (US - CO, Denver)

Rostok Vampires  

(W. Germany - Dortmund)

Rot (US - NJ,  Toms River)

Rotten Foxes  (UK - Brighton)

Röten Tandkräm  (Sweden - Trollhättan)

Rotjoch (Netherlands - Hilversum)

The Rotters (US - CA,  Los Angeles)

Rotting Carcass   (West Germany)

Rotten Fux   (US)

Rotties  (US - OR, Portland)

Rottweiler  (Sweden - Nässjö)

Rottweiler   (Poland)

Rotzkotz  (W. Germany - Hannover)

Rough  (Italy - Turin)

Rough Kids  (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Rough Trade  (Norway)

Rouse  (Spain - Banyoles)

Rousers  (Netherlands - Alkmaar)

Route 66  

(Canada - Edmonton, Alberta)

Route 66  (New Zealand)

Rövsvett  (Sweden - Tranås)

The Rowdies (UK)

Roxette (France - Grenoble)

Roxette  (US)

Roy Gbiv  (Victoria, BC - Canada)

The Royal Hounds (US - NY)

Royal Red Brigade  

(Canada - Saskatchewan)

Rozszczepienie Jader Reaktora  


RPA  (US - WA, Seattle)

The RPM's  (US - WI,  Milwaukee)

R.T.S  (Sweden)

(W. Germany)

Ruefrex  (UK - Belfast, N. Ireland)

Rubber  (US - NY)

Rubber City Rebels

(US - OH, Akron-> CA, Los Angeles)

Rubber Thongs (US - FL, Miami)

Rubber Whips (UK - Huddersfield)

Rubble (US - OR, Portland)

Rubella  (US - OH, Cleveland)

Rubella Ballet  (UK - London)

The Rude  (US - MD, Annapolis)

Rude Awakening(US - DE,  Wilmington)

Rude Awakening (US - CT, Bridgeport)

The Rude Kids (Sweden - Stockholm)

Rude Norton  

(Canada - Vancouver, BC)

Rudi (UK - Belfast, N. Ireland)

Rudi (Finland)

The Rudies (US - NYC)

The Rudies  (UK)

Rudimentary Peni (UK - Abbot's Langley)

Rudolf's Rache  (W. Germany - Bremen)

Rufters BV  (Netherlands)  

Rugged Edge   (US - FL,  Hialeah)

Ruggedy Annes  

(Canada - Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Ruido de Rabia   (Spain - Tolosa)

Ruídos Absurdos (Brazil - São Paulo)

Ruin   (US -  PA, Philadelphia)

Ruin   (Japan)

Ruin By Design  (US - WA D.C.)

Ruins   (Italy - Mestre)

Rules    (Croatia - Zagreb)

Ruleta Rusa (US - CA, San Francisco)

The Rumble (US -  CO, Denver)

The Rumble (Germany)

The Rumble (Canada)

Rumor 39    (US)

RunnAmucks (US - FL,  Orlando)

The Runs     (US)

Running Dogs   (UK - London)

Running Riot   (West Germany - Kiel)

Runnin Riot  (Ireland - Belfast)

Rupture   (Australia)

R.U.R.   (US - MI, Detroit)

Rushlow-King Combo (US - MI, Detroit)

Russian Meatsquats

(US - PA, Leheigh Valley)

Russian Submarines  (Sweden)

The Rustler  (Japan - Shizuoka)

The Rusty Robots  Germany - Goslar)

Ruth  (France - Paris)

The Ruts  (UK - London)

Rut   (US - CA, Santa  Rosa)

Ruts DC    (UK)

T.H.E  Rutto   (Finland)

The Reverend Horton Heat  

(US - TX, Dallas)

Ryan Dinosaur  (US - GA, Atlanta)

The Ryders  (Japan - Tokyo)

Rye Coalition  (US)

Les Rythmeurs   (France - Rouen)



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Raamattu  (Finland - Turku)

Ra-Bee"s  (Japan - Tokyo)

Rabatz  (W. Germany - Bonn)

Johnny Rabb (US - NY, Albany)

Rabid  (UK - Leicester)

Rabid Dogs  (Australia - Melbourne)

Rabid Lassie  (US - CA, San Ramon)

Rabies  (Netherlands)

Rabies  (UK)  

Rabies (US - CA, Venice)

Rabies  (Czech Republic)

Rabies  (Philippines)

Rabies  (Japan)

The Rabies  (US)

Radar (Italy)


(Czechoslovakia - Havířov)


Radiation (UK - Yorkshire)

Radiation  (UK)

Radiation  (US - FL, Gainesville)

Radiators From Space

(Ireland - Dublin)

The Radicts (US - NYC)

Radical Fun Time (Canada)

Radical Retards  (Netherlands)

Radical Left   (US - OH, Toledo)

Radikal HC    (Spain)

Radio 5   (UK - Manchester)

Radio Birdman

(Australia - Sydney, NSW)

Radio Free Europe

(US - TX, Austin)

Radio Hacker  (Japan - Tokyo)

Radiohead  (UK - Oxfordshire)

Radio Hearts (US - MA, Boston)

Radio Reelers

(US - CA, San Francisco)

Radio Stars  (UK)

Radon  (US - FL, Gainsville)

Ræva Rockers   (Norway)

R.A.F  (US - NE, Omaha)

R.A.F. Gier

(W. Germany - Münster)

The Rage (US - WI, Milwaukee)

The Rage (Canada - Toronto, Ontario)

The Rage (UK - London)

Railbirds (Netherlands)

Rai Ko Ris (Nepal - Katmandu)

Rain (US - WA D.C.)

Rain Parade (US - CA, Los Angeles)

The Raincoats  (UK - London)


Raise Cain  (Japan - Yokohama)

Raisinets  (US - WA D.C.)

Rajoitus (Sweden)

Rakketax (Netherlands - Utrecht)

Rakata  (Brazil - São Paulo)

The Ralphs  (US -  TX, Dallas)

R.a.m.b.o. (US - PA, Philadelphia)

Ramoms  (US - PA, Philadelphia)

C.J. Ramone  (US - NY, Queens)

Ramones   (US - NYC)

The Ramrods   (US - MI, Detroit)

Rancid Decay   (US - MD, Baltimore)

Rancid Vat

(US - OR, Portland -> TX, San Antonio)

Rancid X   (Italy - Milan)

Random Killing

(Canada - Toronto, Ontario)

Random Killing (US)

Randoms (US - CA, Los Angeles)

The Randypeters

(Canada - Ontario, Ottawa)

Randys (US - OK City)

Randy Ranpage  

(Vancouver BC, Canada)

Rank & File  (US - TX, Austin)


(W. Germany - Mönchengladbach)

Rap (Japan)

Rape  (W. Germany - Bremen)

Raped  (UK - London)

Rapeman  (US - IL, Chicago)

Raped Teenagers

(Sweden - Linköping)

The Rapers (Netherlands - Utrecht)

Rapes  (Japan - Osaka)

Rapid Tan (UK)

Rappa (Japan)

Rappio (Finland - Haapajärvi)

Rappresaglia (Italy - Milan)

Rapt (France - Vernon)

The Rare Forms  (US - WA, Seattle)

R.A.S. (France - Paris)

Rash (US -  IL, Chicago)

Rash of Stabbings

(US - RI, Providence)

Rashōmon  (US - WA D.C)

Rashit  (Turkey - Istanbul)

Rasix  (Colombia)

Raskul  (US - CA, Berkeley)

Raszebrae  (US - CA, Los Angeles)

Rata Negra  (Spain - Madrid)

Ratas Del Vaticano

(Mexico - Monterrey)

Ratos De Porao  (Brazil - Sao Paulo)

Rational Animals  (US)

Rat Cage  (UK - Sheffield)

Rat Fancy  (US - CA, Los Angeles)  

Rat Pack (US - CA, Santa Barbra)

Rat Patrol (UK - Exeter)

Rat Patrol  (Netherlands)

The Rat Race Kid  

(US - TX, Corpus Christi)

Rat At Rat R

(US - Philadelphia --> NY)

The Rat Resistance   (Japan)

Rat Scabies   (UK - London)

Rat's Got the Rabies  

(Germany - Hannover)

Ratos de Porão

(Brazil - São Paulo)

The Rats  (France - Dunkerque)

The Rats (US - OR, Portland)

Les Rats  (France - Esmans)

The Rats (Switzerland)

The Rats (Sweden)


Rats in the Wall

(US - CA, Huntington Beach)

Ratsak  (Melbourne - Australia)

Ratsia (Finland - Pihtipudas)

Rattlers (Finland - Raisio)

The Rattlesnake Men  

(W. Germany - Berlin)

Råttorna  (Sweden)

Råttanson  (Sweden)

Rattus (Finland - Vippula)

The Ratz  (US - TN, Nashville)

The Ratz  (Germany)

The Raunch Hands   (US - NYC)

The Raunchettes  

(US - NY, Rochester -> CA, LA)

The Ravers  

(US - CA, Los Angeles)

Ravi Shavi  (US - RI)

Les Raving Sounds

(US - OH, Cleveland)

Raw Animal  (Sweden - Stockholm)

Raw Deal (US - NY, Yonkers)

Raw Nerve (US - IL, Chicago)

Raw Noise Apes

(Greese - Thessaloniki)

Raw Noise   (UK - Ipswich)

Raw Power   (Italy - Poviglio)

Raw Sewage  

(Canada - Ottawa, Ontario)                    

Raxola  (Belgium - Limburg)