Denmark - Copenhagen


                                                    Band History and Discography compiled by Esben

Ads, from Copenhagen, started in the spring of 1980. Only two of their songs ever appeared on vinyl, but these two are both classics in Danish punk.The original lineup was Michael “Funder” Tharlasius on vocals, Stig Pedersen on bass, Carsten Hjarsøe and Søren Johansen on guitar, and Peter Top Jensen on drums. The two guitarists both left the band in late 1980, Carsten Hjarsøe to form the punk/funk group UCR. Their replacement was Lars Top Galia. Later they also got a new bass player named Martin Krogh. Stig Pedersen later joined Disneyland After Dark, or D.A.D., who now are one of the biggest (and most boring) rock bands in Denmark.Ads evolved from regular punk to a more experimental style, inspired by bands like The Birthday Party. In 1983, Martin Krogh left the group and a new bass player, Lars Bo “Tolle” Tolstoy Jacobsen, and a keyboard player, Mads Nordheim joined. Both were former members of the group called Before. Ads supported Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in 1984 at the Ungdomshuset squat in Copenhagen. In the fall of that year, they appeared in the movie “Totem” by Claus Bohm, before eventually breaking up.