Akutt Innleggelse

Norway - Fjellstrand


                                                             Band History compiled by Martin L.

          Akutt Innleggelse started off as a noisy punk outfit in the early 80's, featuring adolescents Thomas and Bengt (aged approximately 13 or 14) and their friends Rolf and Espen (only slighty older). Their first trip to the studio, in 1983, yielded the Echoes From The Asylum 7", released on Thomas' newly-formed Straightjacket label. After replacing Espen and adding Bjørn on vocals, the band headed in a more "hardcore"-sounding direction. An April '84 session produced a 9-song demo; several tracks from this ended up on various international compilations.  In 1985, the band called it quits. Thomas (aka Happy-Tom) and Bengt (aka Bingo) went on to play in Turbonegro.