Condutores de Cadáver

     History compiled by Werner          Brazil - São Paulo



N.A.I. (Nós Acorrentados no Infeno) was formed in the suburbs of São Paulo in early 1978. Along with Restos de Nada, N.A.I. were one of the first punk bands to exist in Brazil. They were together for only a few months and broke up in 1978 without ever recording anything. In 1979, three of the members, Callegari (guitar), Marcelino (drums) and Índio (vocals), formed Condutores de Cadáver with Clemente (bass) from Restos de Nada.

Condutores de Cadáver were a band for roughly two years, playing shows in the early years of Brazilian punk. Like N.A.I., they never released a record, but home recordings and live sets from the early '80s exist and were alledgedly distributed by several small European labels at the time. The band split in 1981, and Clemente, Callegari, and Marcelino formed the legendary and prolific Inocentes (though Marcelino, originally the band's vocalist, was replaced early on). Índio moved across town to start the band Hino Mortal.

Condutores de Cadáver made a comeback in 2001 with Callegari and Índio from the original formation. The reunited band recorded and released an EP with 500 copies.