Balgaria - Sofia



Band History, Discography and Photos compiled by Ivailo Tonchev

D.D.T. were one of the greatest Bulgarian punk bands and also one of the earliest known! I first heard them in the late '80s, when they were the legendary punk band from Sofia. I heard their first 1985 demos as late as 1993 and the intensity blew me up! Great lyrics, really wise and punk styled. Lyrically they were sharp and brilliant, full of energy and witty rhymes. Some of the songs have topics like the nuclear arms race, the devaluation of the ideals, while others are just funny.

D.D.T. started in 1981 with Dani on bass, Bobi on guitar and vocals, and Adama on drums. Ivo replaced Adama in 1985 after they recorded the demo. The lineup once again changed in 1987, with Dani staying the only original member, and the addition of guitarists Toro and Kole, and drummer Filthy. Thomas joined on vocals in 1991.

Unfortunately, at their peak D.D.T. were not able to record properly in a studio, due to the communist regime that governed Bulgaria at the time. So, their first songs recorded sound as any of the "Bullshit Detector" type of bands that once CRASS released on compilation LPs. All their songs that were preserved through the years came out in 1999 on a CD, released by AON (my label) with several other underground labels. Honestly, it is kind of stupid to talk about my own releases, but here we go! The CD features 8 tracks recorded in 1985, 5 recorded in 1987, and 7 recorded in 1989-1990. Tracks by D.D.T. can also be found on the Greetings from Bulgaria compilation tape and the Bulgarian Archives compilation 7".



                                                                                                  Official contact for DDT:

                                                                                                    c/o Nikolay Trifonov

                                                                                                            Sofia 1113

                                                                                                 Kv"Iztok" bl.21 vh.B ap.6

                                                                                           Bulgaria AON distro: aon@mail.bg