Detrito Federal

                                                         Brazil - Brasília


                                           Band History compiled by Werner

Detrito Federal was a hardcore/oi band formed in 1983, in Brasília (the capital) by Bosco (guitar), Mila (bass), Paulo Cascão (drums) and Alex Podrão (screams). Their only recordings as a hardcore band were two songs on the Rumores LP, a compilation with other 3 non-punk bands. 1000 copies were released only. After that, Bosco and Podrão left the band to form BSB-H. Mila left as well, and the only remaining member, Cascão, became the singer and transformed DF into a new wave band. They signed to the major label Polygam and released the Vítimas do Milagre LP. The band broke up in the late 80's after having hundreds of different formations, but in 2001 Podrão and Bosco reunited Detrito Federal to continue with the original hardcore punk plan.