United States - North Hollywood, CA

                                                     Band History compiled by Brian GTA

Disability began in the Los Angeles suburb of North Hollywood, located in the San Fernando Valley, in 1980 under the name of Isolation. They would play their first gig on January 12th of 1981, and by their fifth gig the band had changed their name to Disability in the middle of that same year. The band stepped into the studio on November 1st of 1981 to record three cuts ("Rejection", "White As A Ghost", and "Battling Against The Police") for the Public Service compilation LP on Smoke Seven Records run by Felix of RF7. (On a side note told to me by guitarist Gene's mother, two record store employees were taken aback when Gene's nice conservative looking middle-aged mother requested and purchased a copy of the album. She just wanted to see her son's record actually being sold in a store.)

More gigs would follow with groups such as Bad Religion, Circle Jerks, Social Distortion, 45 Grave and many others. Guitarist Gene left to join Red Scare and was replaced by Chris as the band once again became known as Isolation in the beginning of 1982. The band would break up in late '82/early '83 with man of a million fills Jordan going onto the Grim as well as becoming one of the L.A. area's most accomplished and sought after punk rock drummers. Vocalist Darren would go onto form the Tourists and much later the more '77-influenced Capital Radio, as well as setting up several skate parks in the San Fernando Valley. Bassist Jose is still involved in underground music though of the less hardcore variety; and guitarist Gene currently works making hearing aids and moulding customized ear plugs for musicians