Eructo Maldonado

                                                                  Peru - Lima



                                      UGLY AMERICAN CD (Last Vestige Music, 2002)


                                                       HUDSON ROCK LP (MCE Records, 1982)


                                                               Band History by Felix Torrealva

Eructo Maldonado, from Lima, was formed in June 1985 by Rafael Hurtado (vocalist and rhythm guitar player), Marcelo Panizo (lead guitar player), Felix Torrealva, (bass player and vocals), and Jorge MadueƱo (drums). Influenced by Spanish bands such as Siniestro Total (among others), Eructo Maldonado took every single opportunity to play, doing shows in schools, houses, clubs, bullfight arenas, beaches, and the like. Although they played mostly in their hometown, the band also made it out of the capital to play shows in Ayacucho, Piura, Trujillo and Cajamarca. Their first release was the Que Pacho?! tape, put out by the independent label Costra Records from Lima in 1987. Two years later, Peruvian label IEMPSA took a chance on the band, releasing their second album, Rompele La Pechuga, on both vinyl and cassette.

The group initially split in 1991. A few years later, former members Rafael and Felix reunited to record a demo they called "Elefantes Music", but the project was never officially released as Rafael left Peru and spent the next five years in Colombia. After his return, Eructo Maldonado reformed in 1999 with original members Rafael, Marcelo and Felix - adding drummer Tito Renteros - and began writing songs. Currently the band is preparing to enter the studio and record old and new songs.