Compiled by Sam Robard/Federico, Band History translated by Sam Robard

Flitox formed in January 1986, with ex-members of Sherwood, Ludwig Von 88 (not a Nazi band, LV88 had many members of foreign origin), and Hanky Panky. After eight rehearsals, the band played their first gig, at l'USINE ("The Factory") in Montreuil (Paris suburbs). At this time Flitox rehearsed in the basement of a retired pension where Eric/Hanky Panky used to rehearse in. Four rehearsals later, the band went to a studio and recorded five songs which ended up on a 7", released by the very new label Jungle Hop International in May 1986. While everything seemed to be going well for the band, it was at this point that the first problems came up: their singer Eric left in June of 1986, due to musical differences. After trying out many singers, the band finally settled on Pee Wee in November. Ten days after this, the drummer left the band for any number of reasons possible or imagined.

The day after he was replaced by Alex, who ended up staying in the band until March '87 (meanwhile the bassist Stef spent a short time in the army). Pee-Wee, who was singing at first, moved to drums. Finally by the end of May '87, Ian joined, thanks to an announcement he passed on RTH. Three weeks after his arrival, Flitox played three gigs.At the end of the summer, Flitox departed for London (in a R5!) with enough material for a full-length, and recorded 15 songs in 6 1/2 days. The LP, titled Cet homme est mort..., was released by Jungle Hop in November 1987. There followed many concerts in France, as well as shows in RFA, Switzerland and Belgium. After a concert with Scream in February '88, Flitox made plans travel to the US and record their second LP, as well as play 20 dates with the band Dissent (South Dakota). Everything was OK until Ian was denied a visa from the US immigration services, due to his precarious social situation. The second LP ended up being recorded at WW (Paris) and mixed in Southern Studio.

Radio TV Active was released in October of 1988, which was followed by concerts, problems, etc, etc... In May '89 Flitox recruited a second guitarist, Hervé (ex-Blade), as other guitarist Lôrent seemed to have other priorities that came before Flitox. In July, after a month of tensions within the band, Flitox broke up. Soon after, Lôrent decided to reform the group with a new singer, and in September of 1989, songs for a third LP were written. After a few months of rehearsals and two concerts, however, Flitox split definitively.



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