Is Music Dead? (Religious Vomit 2) (1984)

      Pagans - Quality of Life

      Pagans - Politicians (live)

      Organized Chaos - That's Life

      Organized Chaos - Trowbridge Pig (live)

      Public Disturbance - General Election (live)

     Public Disturbance - Music Is Dead.. (live)

     Legion of Parasites - Party Time

     Legion of Parasites - Death in the City

     Asylum [UK] - Is This the Price?

     Asylum [UK] - White Trash

     Organized Chaos - Damaged Brain

     The Deformed - Bomb the City

     The Deformed - All Clear

     The Deformed - 30 Second War (live)

     Traumex - Instigators

     Wasted Amongst Reality - For Fox Sake!

     The Mad Are Sane - Dying Church

     Dirge - Bootiful (live)

     Dirge - Walk Tall (live)

     Onslaught- Thermonuclear Destruction

     Onslaught - Visions of the Future    

    Plasmid - Guilty Upbringing

    Plasmid - Lust for Power

    Reality Control - Doublethink

    Reality Control - Sugar + Spice (Live)

    Exit-Stance - The Shit Still Stinks (Live)