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The following folks have helped make this website something worth checking out:

Brian, for the excellent Gauze bio and being the first person to actually follow through with writing something for the site

Martin L., for help with the False Prophets and Subhumans pages and for the Poison Idea interview

Luke J., for the Stranglehold page

Ken from Staten Island, for the "Get It Away" lyrics

Emil, for Sweden info

Maarten, for the Babylon Bleibt Fahren info

Jess, for the Agnostic Front interview from No Answers, and the Gauze picture

Al Q., for the Antidote info, and getting the word out a little bit

Sebastian, for the Life Sentence review

Michelle, for the AOF pictures and suggestions for the page

Ryan A., for typing up the Bad Brains and Necros interviews for his site

Dan M., for the Stäläg 13 review and Nardcore info

Erik T., for info on bands from Holland

Marco N., for the Code of Honor scans and for typing and sending the 7 Seconds and Nicki Sicki interviews

Tonya II, for the Poison Idea info and picture

Hirofumi (Campaign for Musical Destruction), for the Comes picture

Tom M., for sending me his zine with the Effigies aritcle

Stefano M., for info on Italian bands

Patrick H., for Ill Repute info and corrections

Somebody from Brigade Fozzy, for use of the Babylon Bleibt Fahren scan

John D., for Negazione/Declino info

John S., for the Heresy corrections and info

Luc (Ratbone Records and Face Up To It), for help with the HHH page

Mike, for Germs/Dead Milkmen/Angry Samoans links

Alex (Mike Fitzgerald Records/Distro), for the State reviews

Corey, for info/recommendations on US bands from the South

Nacho, for info on Spanish HC bands

Bård, for the Norway info

Leo, for the Ripcord info

Nick, for the UK info

Krogh (, for the scans and tracklists

Jim, for the Chunks compilation tracklist

Hemlig Punk, for the Rappresaglia info

Barney, for the Fix lyrics

Marcelo, for tracklist info

Lee Holford, for the label discography info

Dan Mys, for the zines

Nuzz Prowlin Wolf blog for the Assassins of Hope scan & tracklist... (sorry I couldn't find your contact info to ask first!)

Adrian Silva for the New Zealand cover scan and Negative Gain tracklist

Cissie, Justin, and Martin for letting me scan their records

Donald S. for trusting me w/ his tape inserts

Jun for help with Japanese bands

Big Thanks from Piszczel from Poland for the The Extorts) Info

Huge thanks!! to Mike Protus Aka (OSX) for his accurate band info!