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LIVE PRAHA Demo tape (1983)                                     Czechoslovakia                                                                                                                               


Drunk Nach Osten # 2 (2010)

Band History compiled by Stinky

In 1981, at a time when many important Czechoslovakian punk bands such as Energie G, Zikkurat or Extempore were breaking up, it seemed that the Czechoslovakian scene was beginning to enter a dark period. But fortunately, young punk Honza Limbursky was inspired to look hard for other freaks to start a band, and soon after found drummer Mirko Horacek, bassist Petr Hlinomaz and guitar Ales Hysky. Eventually second guitarist Vasil Nikolas joined and so Kecup was born.

Right from beginning the group created energetic punk rock, driven with UK Subs, Slaughter and the Dogs, Sham 69 and Rezillos influences. Kecup incorporated the perfect crazy punk vocals, and with a rough-and-tumble tempo resembled early Czech punks Energie G.

During the years 1981 and 1982, the band played around ten shows, though the specific dates are lost to the memories of those today. In any case their first gig was at Klubko in Kladno. Their performances were ofthen short, since the appearance of a punk band in Communist Czechoslovakia attracted the attention of the police to shut down the gig. For this reason, Kecup broke up in 1983. Horacek began playing in the new wave band Precednes, Hysky and Hlinomaz (who later emigrated to the United States) joined the band Garaz, and Limbursky left to drum in A64. As with other punk bands in Czechoslovakia from the early and mid 80's, Kecup never ended up visiting the studio, although some live recordings exist.