Malaysia - Kuala Terengganu


                                                        Mallria Demo Tape  (1987)

                                Band History compiled by Joe Kidd (thanks to Boy)

Mallaria is Malaysia's earliest punk band. They started out back in 1986 in the city of Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu. Mallaria had a four-song demo out by 1987, although they never made it to a proper recording studio. The drummer Shahlan went on to form another early Malaysian punk band called The Stone Crows.

In the early 90's Shahlan ended up playing and recording with Carburetor Dung - one of the oldest Malaysian punk band still existing. Guitarist Ku Yie maintains a rehearsal/jamming studio known as Masonic Lodge in the town (Kampung Tiong) to this day, helping out young bands with demo recordings and providing space for the scene. Through-out the years he played but never recorded with bands such as PROV, DPSA and Zink.

His brother Ku Din, the bassist of the band, briefly reappeared in the popular Malay rock band Panji in the late 80's. Mallaria's sound was a mixture of thrash metal/punk crossover and was quite ahead of its time. The highly sought after one and only demo is still missing. The band broke up right after their tape was released.