Mighty CO'S

                                       United States - New Hampshire, Nashua

Nashua's Mighty C.O.'s (Conscientious Objectors) were most likely New Hampshire's first hardcore band, though details are sketchy at best. Lucky enough to live on the southeastern edge of the state, the C.O.'s played shows in Boston with such legendary acts as Jerry's Kids and Gang Green as early as 1982. They were not around for long, however, and ostensibly their greatest claim to fame is landing a spot on the prestigious thanks list on the back of SS Decontrol's The Kids Will Have Their Say 12". The fact that this list also includes the Bad Brains, Black Flag, Negative FX and DYS gives the C.O.'s somewhat of a mystique and should make any hardcore punk curious to hear a recording of the band; unfortunately none are known to exist.

After they split, C.O.'s vocalist Drew Stone moved to NYC, where he formed the thrash band The High and The Mighty. He also sang for Antidote on their misguided late-80s reinvention as a hard rock band. He currently still lives in New York as a filmmaker.