Restos de Nada

  Brazil - São Paulo

History compiled by Werner and Pedro's translation of the Restos de Nada LP insert

In early 1978, the first Brazilian punk band appeared in the suburbs of São Paulo. They called themselves Restos de Nada ("Remainders of Nothing"). At this time, Brazilian punks were just a bunch of teenager gangs fighting each other. Many of these youths were involved with robbery and other criminal activities such as pickpocketing. When Restos de Nada started to play, the word "punk" didn't exist (for them), but when they found out about it, their identification with the music and attitude was immediate. Through their short career, they had to face all sorts of problems to play their music in a depressing scene of long hairs, Led Zeppelin, apathy and Woodstock reminiscences. They were misunderstood, like anything ahead of its time that challenges and disturbs the rules of the game.

Restos de Nada was Ariel on vocals, Clemente on bass, Douglas on guitar and Carlos on drums. Together with other early Brazilian punk bands AI-5 and Nós Acorrentados no Inferno, they played a lot of small "shows" in the suburbs of São Paulo in '78 and '79. Their music and ideas reflect the sentiments and impressions of the band, with the simplicity, energy and revolt of a time when the average age of the members was 17. The lyrics emerged between thrills and hangovers of cheap wine; between police persecutions and beatings; neighborhood fights; first loves and disillusions; the 5 minutes between Physics and Math classes at school. In them one can find reactions against a cynical society, a decadent middle class betrayed by the end of the Brazilian 'economic miracle' of the 70's, of a military dictatorship in power and the lies in the media.

                                                                                                         -Why Restos de Nada?

                      -Because everything has been consumed.

This sentence was spoken by Ariel, at their only TV appearance. No one understood anything. Restos de Nada broke up without recording in the studio. They didn't leave a large following behind them, but their ideas remained and were the living proof of "Do It Yourself", with their cheap instruments and acid lyrics. This contribution was very important for the formation of other bands and of the local punk movement itself, which was finally discovered by the media in 1982.

After their split, Clemente went to play in Condutores de Cadáver, and he would later sing for Inocentes. Ariel and Douglas started a band named Desequilíbrio. Years later, in 1987, the original members of Restos de Nada reunited to finally record the Restos de Nada LP, their only record. The LP includes a live track recorded in 1979 from their last show. The songs on this record are from their original set and no new arrangements or songs were made - the intention is indeed 'photographic'. Afterwards, vocalist Ariel started Invasores de Cérebros in 1988 wich still exists. Also, the Inocentes continue to this day with Clemente still as the singer.