23 Jewels  (Nottingham)

The Abductors (Nottingham)

The Amber Squad  (Leicester)

The Animated  (Northampton)

Anti Pasti  (Derby)

Antisect  (Daventry)

Back Seat Romeos  (Lincolnshire)

Bauhaus   (Northampton)

C Cat Trance  (Nottingham)

The Cigarettes  (Lincoln)

City Indians  (Derby)

Clockwork Soldiers (Leicester)

Collapse  (Sneinton, Nottingham)

Delusion  (Mablethorpe)

The Disco Zombies (Leicester)

Dirge  (Leicester)

Endless Grinning Skulls


The Enemy  (Derby)

English Dogs   (Grantham)

The Eratics  (Walthams Cross)

Excel  (Bradford)

Exit  (Lincoln)

Exit-Stance  (Milton Keynes)

Eyes on You  (Southwell)

Fatal Charm  (Nottingham)

The Favourites  (Nottingham)

Feed Your Head  (Nottingham)

Fields Of The Nephilim (Hertfordshire)

Gay Bykers on Acid (Leicester)

The Glory   (Leicester)

David John Haskins (Northampton)

Health Hazzard  (Lincoln)

Heavy Discipline  (Kettering)

Idiot Clone (Mansfield)

Intense Degree (Mansfield)

Kings of Oblivion (Nottingham)

Last Orders  (Grimsby)

Love And Rockets (Northampton)

Mangle  (Leicester)

Meatfly   (Nottingham)

Medium Medium (Nottingham)

Mentally Disturbed

Obscene Females


Pax Vobiscum  (Nottingham)

Pseudo Existors (Lincoln)

Rabid  (Leicester)


Resistance 77  (Nottingham)

Sic Boy Federation (Nottingham)

SInking Ships (Lincoln)

Skingraft  (Buxton)

Skumdriblurzz  (Mansfield)

Sleaford Mods  (Nottingham)

Smithereens  (Mansfield)

Some Chicken (Nottingham)

Chris Spedding  (Derbyshire)

Strange Station (Cleethorpes)

The Threads  (Lincoln)

Trance   (Northampton)

TV Crime (Nottingham)

Twelve   (Nottingham)

UK Decay (Luton)

Verbal Warning (Nottingham)

The Wankys (Leicester)

Whizz Kids  (Lincoln)

X.S. Energy  (Lincoln)