4 Skins (London)

The 012   (London)

16 Guns  (London)

23 Skidoo (London)

The 101'ers  (London)

999  (London)

v1984 (UK & Ireland)

A Popular History of Signs


Abhor (England)

Aborted   (England)

The Bog Brushes (England)

A C Marias  (London)

A-Soma (London)

Accused (London)

The Aces (London)

Action Pact (Middlesex,Stanwell)

AD 80 ( Middlesex)

Adam and the Ants (London)

Add N To (X)  (London)

Adulkt Life  (London)

Advertising (London)

The Adverts (London)

Airship (London)

AK Process (London)

Alien Kulture (London)

Alternative TV (London)

Amos and Sara (London)

Anabollic Steroids (London)

The Androids of Mu (London)

Animal Farm (London)

Animation (London)

The Annihilated (London)

Annie Anxiety Bandez (London)

Anorexia (Watford, Hetfordshire)

The Apostles (London)

The Art Of Noise (London)

The Assassins (London)

Assassins of Hope (London)

The Attendants  (Uxbridge)

Autographs (London)

Back to Zero  (London)

The Banned  (London)

Barracudas (London)

Basement 5 (London)

The Bears  (Waterford)

Beige Banquet (London)

Dave Bishop and the Apostles


Birds Of Delay (London)

BKS (London)

Blaggers ITA (London)

The Blood (London)

Blood and Roses (London)

Bog Ugly (London)

The Bombers (London)

Bombay Ducks (London)

Bona Rays (London)

David Bowie (Brixton)

The Bozos (London)

Todd Briefly  (London)

Brigandage (London)

Jet Bronx & The Forbidden (London)

Brutal Birthday (London)

The Business  (Lewisham)

The Cannibals (London)

Can't  (London)

Case (London)

Cash Pussies  (London)

Category A (England)

The Cause  (England)

Cause Of Death  (London)

Celia and the Mutations (London)

Chaos  (London)

Charge  (London)

Chelsea  (London)

Child’s Pose  (London)

The Chisel  (London)

The Chords  (London)

Chris and Cosey  (London)

Chubby & The Gang  (London)

The Clash  (London)

Class War  (London)

Bob Cobbimg (Enfield--> London)

Clock Of Time   (London)

Cock Sparrer  (London)

Cockney Rejects (London)

Coil  (London)

Cold War  (Hornchurch)

Comnbat 84  (Chelsea)

Comet Gain  (London)

The Committee  (Harrow)

Conflict  (Eltham)

Consumer Electronics  (London)

The Cool Greenhouse  (London)

The Count Bishops  (London)

The Crack  (London)

Crim3s  (London)

The Crooks  (London)

Crowbar  (England)

Crown Court  (London)

CTI  (London)

Cuddly Toys  (London)

Cultural Amnesia  (London)

Curfew  (London)

Current 93  (London)

The Crazies (London)

The Creatures (London)

Cry Out  (London)

The Czechs  (London)

Dachise  (London)

Giovanni Dadomo (London)

The Daleks  (England)

The Dälex  (England)

The Damned (London)

Dawn Patrol (London)

Dead Man's Shadow

(Stanwell, Middlesex)

Death In June (London)

Decadent Few (London)

The Decorators (London)

Demon Preacher (London)

The Desperate Bicycles


Detachments  (Archway)

Devils Hole Gang (London)

Die  (London)

The Dials  (Sunbury / Shepperton

The Dilemmas  (London)

The Directions  (London)

The Digitariat (London)

Direct Hits  (London)

Dirt  (London)

Doctors Of Madness (London)

The Doll  (London)

Dome (London)

Dominator (London)

Doof  (London)

The Door and the Window


Duet (London)

East End Badoes (London)

Eat Shit (London)

Eater   (London)

Jimmy Edwards and the Profile


The Ejected  (Dagenham)

Elastica  (London)

Les Elite  (London)

The Embrooks  (London)

Embryo  (London)

Entire Cosmos  (London)

Erazerhead  (London)

ES  (London)

The Escalators  (London)

Essential Logic  (London)

The Eurosuite (London)

The Event Group  (London)

Exhibit A  (London)

The Exits (Battersea)

Exposed   (London)

Fad Gadget (London)

Family Fodder   (London)

Famous Imposters  (London)

Famous Players  (London)

Farce   (London)

Fashion  (England)

Fatal Microbes  (London)

The Features   (London)

The Features  (Orpington)

Pete Fender   (London)

Final Solution (London)

Fingerprintz   (London)

Forra  (London)

The Front   (London)

The Gas  (London)

Generation X (London)

The Genocides (London)

Girls In Synthesis (London)

Holly Golightly (London)

The Gonads (London)

Good Throb (London)

Dave Goodman and Friends


The Gorillas  (Hammersmith)

Ground Zero (London)

The Graduates (London)

Great British Heroes (London)

Gutrot  (London)

Gyppo  (London)

The Gymslips  (London)

The Guana Batz  (Feltham)

Hagar the Womb  (London)

Hard Skin  (London)

Charlie Harper  (London)

Jowe Head  (London)

Hawkwind  (Kensington)

Merlin Hayward  (London)

Headache  (London)

Headhunters  (London)

The Heartbeats  (London)

The Heartbeats (Orpingto)

Hello Bastards  (London)

The Homosexuals  (London)

Honsey at War  (Hornsey)

Horrorcomic  (London)

Human Trophy (London)

Ikara Colt  (London)

Indecent Exposure (London)

Inertia  (London)

I Jog and the Tracksuits


Infa Riot  (London)

The Innocent Vicars (London)

The Innocents   (London)

The Invaders  (London)

Jakpak   (New Barnet)

Tony Jacksun   (London)

The Jags   (London)

The Jam   (London)

Jeep   (London)

The Jetset   (London)

Philip Johnson   (London)

Jump Squad   (London)

The June Brides (London)

Billy Karloff Band  (London)

The Keys  (London)

Kidz Next Door (London)

Killing Joke  (Notting HIll)

The Killjoys  (London)

Kindergarte (London)

King Kurt  (London)

Konstruktivists  (London)

Krupps  (London)

The kick  (East london)

La Rabbia  (London)

Lack of Knowledge (Edmonton)

Steve Lake  (London)

Lawful Killing (London)

The Legend!  (London)

The Legendary Pink Dots (London)

--->Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Lemon Kittens (Reading)

Leyton Buzzards  (Leyton)

Eve Libertine  (Stoke Newington)

Liberty  (Dartford)

Ligotage  (London)

Andrew Liles  (London)

The Limit (England)

The Little Roosters  (London)

Living in Texas (London)

Local Heroes SW9  (Orpington)

The Loft  (London)

London   (London)

London PX  (London)

Long Tall Shorty  (London)

The Lords of the New Church


Lost Cherrees   (Sutton)

Nick Lowe (Walton-On-Thames)

The Lurkers (Fulham)

Luxuria  (London)

Malcolm McLaren (Newington)

Madness  (Camden Town)

Maladia (London)

Robert Manton (London)

Manufactured Romance (London)

Masterswitch  (London)

Mean Street (London)

Meinhof  (London)

Menace  (London)

Merlin Nova  (London)

The Merton Parkas (London)

The Meteors (London)

Miscalculations  (London)

Mo-dettes  (London)

Molar  (London)

The Monks  (London)

The Monochrome Set (London)

More Kicks  (London)  

Motorhead  (London)

Mute Drivers  (London)

Mxyztplk  (London)

The Magits (Abbot's Langley)

Malice  (Middlesex)

Mex  (Watford)

Martin Howard Naylor  (London)

Mlehst (London)

Naz Nomad and the Nightmares


Nekra  (London)

Neo  (London)

The News  (England)

Omega Tribe  (New Barnet)

The New Blockaders  (England)

The Nips  (London)

Nipple Erectors (London)

No  (London)

No Defences  (London)

No Future UK  (England)

The Noise  (London)

Gary Numan  (London)

New Hearts  (Loughton / Essex)

Norman And The Hooligans


Normil Hawaiians (London)

Occult Chemistry (London)

Oilbag  (London)

“O” Level (London)

Only Alternative  (London)

The Only Ones  (London)

Oppenheimer Analysis  (London)

O rang  (London)

Organum  (England)

Ovaltinees (Crayford)

The Pack (London)

Paradox Voyeur  (England)

Passion Day  (England)

Patterns (London)

Payday (London)

Peer Pressure (London)

Permission (London)

The Persistant Gods  (England)

The Phone  (England)

Pink and Black (London)

The Pink Fairies (Ladbroke Grove)

Pink Grip (London)

Pinpoint (London)

Plain Characters  (England)

Poeme Electronique  (England)

Duncan Pope  (England)

Portion Control (London)

Powerplant (London)

Pressure  (England)

The Price  (Hilingdon)

Primetime (London)

The Proles  (London)

Proletariat Punch  (England)

Propaganda  (England)

The Psychos (London)

Psychic TV  (Hackney)

Public DIsorder  (England)

Public Image Limited (London)

Puncture (London)

Purple Hearts (London)

Pushed Aside  (England)

The Price   (Hillingdon)

The Pylons  (Epsom)

Rabies  (England)

Radiation  (England)

Radio Stars  (London)

The Rage   (London)

The Raincoats  (London)

Ramleh (London)

Raped   (London)

Rat Scabies   (London)

Razar   (London)

Razorcuts   (London)

The Reaction  (London)

Rebels Religion  (England)

The Records   (London)

The Red Lights  (London)

Red Rage  (London)

Red Stripe (England)

The Reflections   (London)

Regents   (London)

The Rejects  (England)

Rhythm And Faith (London)

Rema-Rema (London)

Renegade   (London)

Rich Kids   (London)

The Ricochets   (London)

The Riffs   (London)

Infa Riot   (London)

Robert Rental   (London)

Rubella Ballet   (London)

Rudimentary Peni (Abbot's Langley)

The Ruts  (London)

Ruts DC  (London)

Sarandon (London)

The Satellites  (London)

Satyr  (London)

Sauna Youth  (London)

The Scene  (London)

Scrap Brain  (London, Oxford)

The Secret  (London)

Secret Affair  (London)

Sex Gang Children  (London)

Sex Pistols  (London)

Sham 69  (Hersham)

Sheep On Drugs (London)

Shock Headed Peters (London)

The Sid Presley Experience

Sid Vicious (London)

The S-Haters (Watford)

Siouxsie & The Banshees (London)

Six Minute War  (London)

Shock Corridor  (London)

Kevin Short and His Privates


David Sinclair  (London)

Ski Patrol  (London)

Skullflower   (London)

The Slits  (London)

Snakes  (London)

Snakefinger  (Wallington)

Sneeky Feelin's (London)

The Snivelling Shits (London)

Snuff (London)

Society  (London)

The Sodality (London)

Solid Space (London)

Sons of Bad Breath

Sore Throat  (London)

Speedometors  (London)

The Sound  (London)

Split Personality  (London)

Splodgenessabounds  (London)

The Squad (England)

Square One (England)

Sterolab  (London)

The Sting-rays  (London)

Stone the Crowz  (London)

The Strand  (Westminster)

The Straps (London)

Sudden Sway (London)

Sunglasses After Dark

(London, Harrow)

Sutcliffe Jügend (London)

The Switch (London)

Synchromesh  (Sidcup)

The Surgeons  (Harrow)

Joseph Surface  (England)

Sudden Impact  (Croydon)

Sunglasses After Dark (Harrow)

Take It  (Hornsey)

Tall Boys  (London)

Tanz Der Youth  (London)

Bram Tchaikovsky  (London)

The Telegent  (Bromley)

Telescope  (London)

Television Personalities  (London)

Terminal Cheesecake (E. London)

Terminal Disaster  (London)

Terminal Fun  (England)

Test Dept  (London)

Third Door From the Left (London)

This Bitter Lesson (London)

This Mortal Coil (Wandsworth)

The Heat   (Brixton)

Throbs  (London)

The Tickets  (London)

The Times  (London)

Terry Tonik  (London)

Toll (London)

The Tourists (London)

The Bernie Tormé Band (london)

To The Lovers, Farewell  (London)

The Transmitters  (London)

Trash  (Weybridge)

Trash kit  (London)

Trench Fever (London)

Tritonic (London)

True VIsion (London)

Tubeway Army (London)

TV Smith  (London, Rumford)

TV Smith's Explorers (London)

Twist  (London)

Twisted Nervez  (London)

Wat Tyler  (London)

UK Subs  (London)

Ulterior  (London)

Untamed Youth  (Dagenham)

The Unwanted  (London)

Urban Dogs  (London)

The Vacants (London)

The Veil  (London)

Veins of Death  (London)

Verbal Abuse  (England)

Vertical Hold  (Hornchurch)

Vex  (London)

The Vibrators  (London)

Vicious Rumours (South London)

VNV Nation  (London)

Warsaw Pakt  (London)

The Wasps  (London)

Wasted Youth  (London)

The Water Pistols (London)

What Is Oil?  (Hornchurch)

White Car Pet  (London)

Whitehouse (London---> Scotland,


W!Re  (London)

The Witch Trials  (London)

The Wolfgang Press  (London)

Mic Woods  (Brixton)

World Domination Enterprises

(Ladbroke Grove)

Wrench (London)

The X-Men  (London)

X-Ray Spex  (London)

The Yobs  (London)

The Zeros  (Walthamstow)

Zero Zero  (London)

Zipz  (London)