England Map

3rd Part  (Manchester)

A Touch of Hysteria  (Ambleside)

A Witness  (Manchester)

The Accelerators  (Liverpool)

Accident on the East Lancs

(Manchester, Rochdale)

Anarka and Poppy (Preton)

Anathema   (Liverpool)

Antisocial  (Blackpool)

Amorphous Androgynous


Antisocial  (Blackpool)

Any Trouble  (Manchester)

Attak  (New Mills)

Autechre   (Manchester)

Beyond the Implode (Runcorn)

Big in Japan   (Liverpool)

Biting Tongues  (Manchester)

The Blank Students (Lancashire)

Bourbonese Qualk  (Southport)

Buzzcocks  (Manchester)

Blitzkrieg  (Southport)

Blitz  (New Mills)

The Change (Manchester)

John Cooper Clarke (Manchester)

Cress  (Wigan)

Cybermen  (Blackburn)

Danny and the Dressmakers


Danse Macabre (Liverpool,


The Distractions  (Manchester)

Deadly Intentions  (Southport)

Dementia  (Wallasey)

The Drones (Manchester)

Duds (Manchester)

Death Sentence  (Blackpool)

The Deceased  (Wigan, Lancs)

Divert Off Centre  (Blackpool)

Deformed  (Lowton)

Dementia  (Wallasey)

Distortion  (Merseyside)

Doctor and the Crippens


D.O.S.  (Carlisle)

The Drones  (Manchester)

Duds   (Manchester)

Echo And The Bunnymen


Electro Hippies

(St. Helens/ Wigan)

Emergency  (Manchester)

Face in the Crowd  (Crewe)

Faction (Liverpool, Merseyside)

The Fall  (Manchester)

Fast Cars  (Manchester)

Feast of Fools  (Manchester)

The Fits (Blackpool / Layton)

Foreign Press  (Manchester)

The Fits  (Blackpool / Laton)

Freak Genes (Manchester / Bakewell)

Garage Class (Alsager, Chesire)

Ghosts  (Manchester)

Gods Gift  (Manchester)

Going Red (Manchester)

Grover (Radcliffe, Manchester)

Grow-Up (Manchester)

Higgins and The Magic of

the Marketplace (Blackpool)

The High Five (Liverpool)

Jailcell Recipies  (Wigan)

Jeff Hill Band  (Cheshire)

The Hoax  (Manchester)

Iconoclasts  (Liverpool)

In Dire Fucking Straits


IN2XS!  (Blackpool)

Inca Babies  (Manchester)

The Irritators  (Manchester)

The Insane  (Wigan)

Instant Agony  (Birkenhead)

I.Q. Zero  (Blackburn)

Jailcell Recipies  (Wigan)

Jilted John  (Manchester)

Jon the Postman (Manchester)

John Foxx  (Chorley)

Joy Division  (Manchester)

Le Lu/Lu's  (Blackpool)

The La's  (Liverpool)

Local Heroes  (Manchester, Rochdale)

Ludus  (Manchester)

Magazine  (Manchester)

Mass of Black  (Bolton)

Muslimgauze  (Manchester)

Mayhem  (Southport)

The Membranes  (Blackpool)

Miss Kate  (Manchester)

The Moderates  (Liverpool)

The Moondogs  (Liverpool)

Mutants (Birkenhead)

Naffi Sandwich  (Earlstown)

Neville Wanker and the Punters


New Order  (Manchester)

Nightmares in Wax  (Liverpool)

No Commercial Potential


Nowhere Fast  (Wallasey)

The Nosebleeds (Wythenshawe)

Offspring  (Bethesda)

One Way System  (Fleetwood)

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark


Out on Blue Six (Manchester)

The Panik (Manchester)

The Passage  (Manchester)

Patterns  (Manchester)

Performance  (Manchester)

Private Sector  (Manchester)

Pure Product  (Manchester)

The Pathetix  (Nelson)

Potential Threat (Blackburn)

Potential Victims (Rochdale)

Predator  (Stockport)

Pressure Drop  (Liverpool)

Prospect Zero  (Cumbria)

Protest (Denton)

Public Disgrace  (Liverpool)

Pure Product  (Manchester)

Psycho Faction  (Whitehaven)

Radiation (Chorley)

Radio 5  (Manchester)

Red Fetish (Stoke-on-Trent)

The Reducers (Bury)

Regal Zone  (Carlisle)

The Room  (Liverpool)

Rose of Victory  (Stockport)

Schoolgirl Bitch  (Accrington)

Section 25  (Blackpool)

Silver Dick  (Manchester)

Slaughter and the Dogs (Manchester)

Slowguns  (Stockport)

The Smiths  (Manchester)

The Snapping Bogseats (Nantwich)

Speed  (Manchester)

Spillage (Manchester)

Spitfire Boys  (Liverpool)

The Stairs  (Liverpool)

Stay Clean Jolene (Manchester)

The Stiffs  (Blackburn)

Stiff Kittens  (Manchester)

Suicide Visionary  (Cumbria)

The System  (St.Helen, Wigan)

The Things (Manchester)

Andy Thorley (Manchester)

Tone Deaf and the Idiots (Liverpool)

Tractor  (Rochdale, Manchester)

The Trainspotters (Manchester)

Trauma Zone  (Warrington)

The Trend  (Manchester)

The Tunes (Manchester)

Two Fingered Approach (Crewe)

V2 (Manchester)

VHF  (Liverpool, Merseyside)

A Witness  (Manchester)

Varicose Veins  (Rockdale)

Violent Reaction  (Merseyside)

Vibrant Thigh (Manchester)

Violators (Chapel-en-le-Frith)

Wah!   (Liverpool)

The Walking Seeds  (Liverpool)

Warsaw (Salford, Manchester)

Wartoys  (Wigan)

Warzone  (Manchester)

Witch Fever  (Manchester)

X-Cells  (Preston)

X-Defektors  (Manchester)

Zanti Misfitz  (Blackpool)