4 Minute Warning (Oxford)

Acid Attack (Portsmouth)

Ad Nauseam  (Portsmouth)

Accursed (Kent)

AD 1984  (Surrey)

Afflicted Man (Kent)

Amazorblades  (Brighton)

Anti Nowhere League (Kent)

The Anal Fleas  (Southampton)

Anthrax  (Gravesend)

Anti Establishment (Epping, Essex)

Attila the Stockbroker  (Southwick)

Audio Torture (Wiltshire)

Betrayed  (Folkestone)

BIrds With Ears  (Brighton)

Black Easter  (Basingstoke)

Blank Generation

(High Wycombe, Buckingham)

Blood Stereo   (Brighton)

Bone Orchard (Brighton)

Burnt Cross (Brighton)

Caustic Filth  (Portsmouth)

The Chefs  (Brighton)

Cockwobble   (Brighton)

The Commited (Isle of Sheppey)

Conditional Discharge  (Folkestone)

The Crewsy Fixers (Canterbury)

Crisis  (Guildford)

The Cure  (Crawley)

Da Biz  (Poole)

Dead Swans   (Brighton)

The Dentist (Gloucester)


The Depressions  (Brighton)

Nickey & the Dots   (Brighton)

The Daggermen (Medway)

Dead Heroes  (Basingstoke)

The Dentists  (Kent)

Dirty Royal  (Brighton)

Distorted  (Wokingham)

Diatribe (Reading, Berkshire)

Nickey & the Dots

(Brighton, East Sussex)

Dr. Feelgood  (Canvey Is, Essex)

Duallein  (West Sussex)

Ego Trip (Kent)

The Electronic Circus (Worthing)

Epidemic  (Whitstable)

Exploding Seagulls  (Hampshire)

The Exposed  (Portsmouth)

Eyes  (Portsmouth)

F-X  (Worthing, West Sussex)

Fallout  (Surrey)

Firing Squad ( Worthing)

Five Thirty  (Oxford)

Frantic Flintstones

(Reading, Berkshire)

Geschlecht Akt  (Reading)

Guernica  (Brize Norton)

Gutter Knife  (Brighton)

Guttersnipe   (Brighton)

The Head  (Leatherhead)

Heresie  (Ashford)

High Speed And the Afflicted Man


The Hollywood Killers (Hastings)

Huggy Bear (Brighton)

Hunting Lodge  (Southampton)

Hysteria  (Plymouth)

I'm Dead  (Kent)

The Ignerents  (Whitstable)

The Impossible Dreamers


Irreparables  (Brighton)

Intensive Care (Brighton)

Jelly Babies  (Rainham)

Paul Kelday (Brighton)

Joe Cool And The Killers (Brighton)

Jonnie and the Lubes (Brighton)

The K9s  (Reading)

Keine Namen  (Fleet)

Kontakta  (Southampton)

Lucy  (Dartford)

The Lambretta  (Brighton)

Life Sized Models  (Brighton)

The Last Resort  (Herne Bay)

The Last Resort  (Oxford)

Liberty (Dartford)

Life Sized Models  (Brighton)

The Lambretta   (Brighton)

Lip Moves  (Southhampton)

Liquid Stone  (Buckingham)

Lockjaw  (Surrey)

Longport Buzz  (Canterbury)

M.A.D  (Oxford)

Misery Guts  (Oxford)

The Mistakes  (Oxford)

The Mad Are Sane


Mag/Spys  (Horley)

Matfield and the Pond (Matfield)

Mega City Four (Farnborough)

The Members  (Chamberley)

Thee Milkshakes  (Chatham)

The Must  (Oxford)


Naked  (Sheerness)

The Names  (Herne Bay)

Nicky & the Dots (Brighton)

Nightrider  (Little hampton)

Nox Mortis  (Southhampton)

The Numbers  (Seaford)

The Onlookers (Berkshire, Slough)

The Objekts  (Brighton)

The Obtainers  (Horley)

Odious Perdition (Basingstoke/


The Offbeats  (Medway)

Open Sore  (Slough)

Panzacorps  (Farnborough)

The Parrots   (Brighton)

Peter & the Wolf  (Gillingham)

The Piranhas   (Brighton)

The Plague (Aldershot)

Plastic People (High Wycombe)

Plastikman  (Banbury-->Germany,


Play Dead  (Oxford)

The Prisoners  (Chatham)

Pro Patria Mori  (Wokingham)

Purple Hipsters (Canterbury)

Radiohead  (Oxford)

Reckoning Force (Margate)

The Record Players   (Margate)

Riot/Clone (Ashford)

Ripcord  (Weston-Super-Mare)

The Rivals  (Ramsgate)

Robert and the Remoulds


Rotten Foxes   (Brighton)

The Same  (Worthing)

The Samples  (Worthing)

The Sceptres   (Brighton)

Screws (Bracknell)

The Sedated  (Folkestone)

The Seize  (Reading)

Self Abuse  (Bournemouth)

Shelley's Children (Reading)

The Shitty Limits  (Godalming)

The Skrews  (Bracknell)

Sniffany and the Niffs


South Coast Ska Stars  (Sussex)

The Stereotypes  (Oxford)

The Stranglers (Guildford)

Stress  (Brize Norton)

Suburban Filth  (Totton)

Suspect Device   (Brighton)

The Swinging Cats (Coventry)

Teef   (Brighton)

Teenbeats  (Hastings)

Thee Headcoats (Chatham)

Thee Headcoatees  (Chatham)

Three Party Split   (Bracknell)

Tours  (Poole)

The Vandells  (Brighton)

The Vapors   (Guildford)

Virus  (Gillingham)

Wardens  (Sussex)

The Way Out  (Kent)

We Be Echo  (Kent, Dartford)

Whöle In The Head (Southampton)

Wild Billy Childish & CTMF

(Kent, Chatham)

Worry  (Oxford)

X-Cretas (Gillingham)

Zounds  (Reading)