1919  (Bradford)

2 Minutes of Hate  (Leeds)

2-3  (Sheffield)

Abrasive Wheels  (Leeds)

Active Minds  (Scarborough)

Agony Column (Leeds, West


Airkraft  (Halifax)

Aky  (Bradford)

All Over the Carpet

(Huddersfield / Honley)

Angelic Upstarts  (South Shields)

The Angry (Yorkshire)

Antics  (Leeds)

The Anti Group  (Sheffield)

Arson (Leeds)

B. Troop (Sheffield)

The Box (Sheffield)

Bad Beach  (Leeds)

Basczax  (Redcar)

Beta Blockers  (Leeds)

Big Cheese  (Leeds)

Bleed  (Leeds)

Born B.C.  (Hull)

The Box  (Sheffield)

B.T.P. Folders  (Doncaster)

The Burial  (Scarborough)

Cabaret Voltaire (Sheffield)

The Carpettes  (Durham)

Clock DVA (Sheffield)

Cameras In Cars (Bradford, W. Yorkshire)

The Comsat Angels (Sheffield)

Chopper  (Wakefield)

Chronic  (Bradford)

The City Limits (Otley)

Civilized Society?

(Dewsbury / Leeds)

The Comsat Angels

(Sheffield, Doncaster)

Cosmonauts Hail Satan (Leeds)

Crane  (Ashington)

Crash  (South Yorkshire)

Cool Jerks  (Leeds)

Crawling Chaos (Ashington)

The Crime  (Seaham)

Criminal Sex (Chesterfield)

Crow People   (Doncaster)

Cut Hands (Edinburgh)

Cyanide  (York)

D&V (Sheffield)

John Duart the Bedrooms of Europe


De Tian (Sheffield)

Dead beats (York)

Deaf Aids  (Sheffield)

Death Cult  (Bradford)

Disease (Sheffield)

The Danse Society  (Barnsley)

Dark Crusade   (Barnsley)

Death by Milkfloat  (Hull)

Delta 5  (Leeds)

The Distributors  (Wakefield)

The Donkeys  (Wakefield)

Disaster   (Halifax)

The Dregs  (Leeds)

Drop (Yorkshire)

The Elevators  (Hull)

Excel  (Bradford)

Expelaires  (Leeds)

The Expelled  (Leeds)

Feral Existence  (Sheffield)

The Fierce Volleys (West Yorkshire)

The Flex  (Leeds)

Gang of Four  (Leeds)

Girls at Our Best  (Leeds)

Guttersnipe  (Leeds)

Great Shame  (Sheffield)

The Hafler Trio (Sheffield)

Hobbies of Today (Mexborough)

The Hollow Men  (Leeds)

Hula (Sheffield)

I'm So Hollow (Sheffield)

Intense Degree  (Mansfield)

Ipso Facto (Sheffield)

Icon A.D.  (Leeds)

Indians In Moscow (Hull)

Infected  (Huddersfield)

Instigators  (Huddersfield)

Ipso Facto  (Sheffield)

Jerks  (Leeds)

Just Frank  (West Yorkshire)

The Killermeters (Huddersfield)

Knife Edge  (Leeds)

Kulturkampf (Shafton)

Leitmotiv  (Sheffield)

Legion  (Huddersfield, Dewsbury)

Liquidated Brains  (Huddersfield)

Luddites  (Hull)

Mania  (Sheffield)

Mau Maus  (Sheffield)

Miasma (Scarborough)

The Midnight Choir  (Sheffield)

The March Violets   (Leeds)

The Mekons   (Leeds)

The Mission   (Sheffield)

The Most  (Hornsea)

Nasty Media  (Leeds)

Music for Pleasure  (Leeds)

Danbert Nobacon (Leeds)

Natterers  (East/West Yorkshire)

The Negatives  (Sheffield)

The Negatives  (Bradford)

New Model Army  (Bradford)

Nickey Beat & Beatniks

(North Yorkshire)

No Cover  (Peterlee)

The Odds  (Hull)

Obscene Females


Ona Snop  (Leeds)

The Oscillators  (Harrogate)

The Page Boys  (Sheffield)

Panic Stricken (Barnsley)

Party Day  (Sheffield)

Passion Killer  (Barnsley)

Peroxide  (Gateshead)

Perspex Flesh   (Leeds)

Pleasant Valley Children

(Leeds/ Bradford)

Plastick  (Hull)

Pleasant Valley Children

(Leeds / Bradford)

The Prams (Doncaster)

Psykik Volts  (Dewsbury)

Pullovers (Leeds)

Quel Dommage (Cottingham)

Quite Unnervin  (Sheffield)

Rat Cage   (Sheffield)

Redskins  (York)

Red Guitars  (Hull)

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry (Leeds)

Richard and the Taxmen


S.A.S  (Scarborough)

The Scene  (Bradford)

Seizure  (Topcliffe)

The Septic Psychos


Shadowfax  (Bradford)

The Shirks  (Chesterfield)

Shrapnel  (Leeds)

Shy Tots  (Sheffield)

The Sisters of Mercy (Leeds)

Skeletal Family  (Leeds)

Skin Deep  (Doncaster)

Smell & Quim (Batley)

Sore Throat  (Huddersfield)

The Southern Death Cult


Spasms (Chesterfield)

The Squares  (Leeds)

Stagnant Era  (Thirsk)

Stalingrad (Bradford)

Stiff Kittens  (Leeds)

Stranger Than Fiction  (Barnsley)

Strangeways  (Wakefield)

Systematic Annex  (Sheffield)

They Must Be Russians (Sheffield)

The Three Johns  (Leeds)

The Truth About Frank (Leeds)

Total Chaos  (Gateshead)

Toxic Toys  (Sheffield)

TV Product  (Sheffield)

Ultra Violent (Halifax)

The Underdogs  (Leeds)

Veiled Threat   (Sheffield)

Vendino Pact (Sheffield)

Vice Versa  (Sheffield)

Vicious Pink Phenomena


The Vye  (Leeds)

The Wretched (Durham)

Mark Wynn (York)

Xpress  (York)

Xtract  (Sheffield)

Zoo Boutique  (Leeds)