1st Offence  (Livingston)

AOA  (Edinburgh)

Barbed Wire  (West Lothian)

Beat Necessity  (Glenrothes)

Bee Bee Cee  (Edinburgh)


The Condemned (Scotland)

The Cateran  (Edinburgh)

Cindytalk  (Edinburgh-->England,


The Commercials  (North Berwick)

Distemper  (Scotland)

Dog Faced Hermans (Edinburgh)

Endless Swarm   (Edinburgh)

Fire Engines (Edinburgh)

The Flowers (Edinburgh)

The Freeze  (Edinburgh)

The Headboys (Edinburgh)

Hedgehogs  (Scotland)

Mandible Rumpus  (Scotland)

Mutual Fear (Scotland)

The Nettelles  (Edinburgh)

Oi Polloi (Edinburgh)

On Parole (Livingston)

Possessed Images (Scotland)

The Questions  (Edinburgh)

Red Letters   (Edinburgh)

The Revillos  (Edinburgh)

Sad Society  (Edinburgh)

Significant Zeros   (Edinburgh)

Skin Deep  (Linlithgow)

Skroteez  (Linlithgow)

Shop Assistants   (Edinburgh)

Social Insecurity  (Edinburgh)

State of Shock (Edinburgh)

TPI  (Edinburgh)

TV21  (Edinburgh)

Twisted Nerve  (Edinburgh)

UK Anarchists (Scotland)

The Valves  (Edinburgh)

The Whips  (North Berwick)