Nocturnal Projections  (N. Plymouth)

Number Nine  (Wellington)

The Offbeats (Wellington)

Otis Mace  (Auckland)

Proud Scum  (Auckland)

Regulators  (Auckland)

The Scavengers (Auckland)

Skeptics (Palmerston North)

The Screaming MeeMees (Auckland)

Shoes This High  (Wellington)

Skank Attack   (Wellington)

Smelly Feet  (Auckland)

Sons in Jeopardy (Auckland)

The Steroids  (Wellington)

Sticky Filth  (New Plymouth)

Suburban Reptiles  (Auckland)

Superettes  (Auckland)

TAB  (Wellington)

Techtones  (Auckland)

Terrorways (Auckland)

This Sporting Life   (Auckland)

The Warners  (Auckland)

Unsanitary Napkin (Wellington)

Zyklon-B   (Wellington)

1st XV(Wellington)

Acid Reign  (Wellington)

Alms For Children   (Auckland)

Anthem  (New Plymouth)

Armatrak (Auckland)

Bloodbags  (Auckland)

Casualty  (New Plymouth)

City Slitz  (Auckland)

Compos Mentis  (Wellington)

The Dabs   (Auckland)

Dead Image  (Auckland)

Dum Dum Boys  (Auckland)

Eight Living Legs

(N. Zealand - Auckland->UK, London)

Features  (Auckland)

Five Year Mission   (Napier)

Flesh D-Vice (Wellington)

Fish for Life  (Auckland)

Fishschool  (Auckland)  

Flak (Auckland)

?Fog  (Auckland)

Guava Groove   (Auckland)

The Henchmen  (Auckland)

The Kiwi Animal  (Auckland)

Nazg├╗l   (Wellington)

No Tag  (Auckland)