Scene Report

39 Steps  (Montreal)

222'S  (Montreal)

All Systens Go!  (Montreal)

Alexandre St-Onge  (Montreal)

American Devices (Montreal)

Asexuals  (Montreal)

Ballast  (Montréal)

Bloodshot Bill  (Montréal)

Born Dead Icons  (Montreal)

Capitalist Alienation (Montreal)

Cereal Killer (Quebec)

Chienne 50 Cents  (Quebec)

Condition  (Montreal)

Dead Born babies  (Montreal)

Deja Voodoo  (Montreal)

Disappointed A Few People


Discords  (Montreal)

Doughboys  (Montreal)

Drift  (Saint Romuald)

Dub Rifles



Duchess Says  (Montreal)

The Electric Vomit  (Montreal)

Fail-Safe (Montreal)

Fair Warning (Montreal)

Isinglass  (Montreal)

The King Khan & BBQ Show


King Khan & His Shrines (Montreal)

Lebel (Quebec)

Otis Fodder (Montréal)

Genetic Control (Montreal)

The Gruesomes (Montreal)

Les Zerreurs ( Montreal)

The Modernes Pickles (Quebec City)

My Dog Popper (Montreal)

The Nils  (Montreal)

Panic Attack (Quebec City)

The Planet Smashers (Montreal)

New Vogue  (Montreal)

No Policy  (Montreal)

The Normals  (Montreal)

Nuclear Power Genocide  

(Québec City)

Parasytes (Montreal)

Pressure Pin (Montréal, QC, Canada)

Quite Ridiculous Nonsense


Red Mass  (Montreal)

Rhythm Activism  (Montreal)

Sexface (Montreal)

Mark Sultan  (Montreal)

Térapi   (Montreal)

Terminal Sunglasses  (Montreal)

Traps   (Quebec City)

Unruled   (Montreal)

Varlope  (Quebec City)

Vomit and the Zits  (Montreal)

Wolf Parade   (Montreal)

Zyklon B   (Montreal)