Scene Report

28th Day (Chico)

45 Grave (Los Angeles)

55 Stoli Rocks  (Fullerton)

The 69 Cats

C57BL/6  (Los Angeles)

84 Rooms (San Francisco)

100 Flowers (Los Angeles)

391 ( San Francisco)

454  (Los Angeles)

5051 ( San Diego)

10000 Hurts (Hollywood)

A Better Hope Foundation (CA)

A State of Mind (San Francisco)

Abandoned (Los Angeles)

The Absentees (Long Beach)

Abusivo ( Oakland)

Acrylics  (Santa Rosa)

Action Now (Los Angeles)

Adaptors  (San Francisco)

Adolescents   (Fullerton)

The Aesthetics (Westminster)

The Afflicted (San Francisco)

Afterimage  (Los Angeles)

Against  (Venice)

Against the Grain

(San Juan Capistran)

Against the Wall

(Orange County)

Agent 86  (Arcata)

Agent Orange  (Los Angeles)

Rikk Agnew  (Los Angeles)

Agog (Nothridge)

Agression  (Oxnard)

Airway (Los Angeles)

All Beat Up  (San Diego)

The American Ruse  (CA)

Animal Dance  (Los Angeles)

Annihilation Time  (Oakland)

lcoholics  (Los Angeles)

The Alley Cats  (Los Angeles)

Altar De Fey (San Francisco)

Alter Drown (Los Angeles)

Amenity  (San Diego)

American Social Holocaust  

(Pleasant Hill)

American Static (Sacromento)

Anarchy 6  (Los Angeles)

Andy Human And The Reptoids  


Angry Samoans (Los Angeles)

Aninoko  (San Francisco)

Another Destructive System  

(Canoga Park)

Anti  (Los Angeles)

Anti Band  (Hollywood)

Anxiety  (San Jose)

Any Three Initials  

(San Francisco)

Apocalypse  (Walnut)

Appliances  (San Francisco)

Arkansaw Man (San Francisco)

Armistice   (Los Angeles)

Artificial Joy  (Los Angeles)

Artistic Decline (Los Angeles)

Aryan Disgrace (Los Angeles)

Assassins  (Los Angeles)

Atila  (Los Angeles)

Attitude (San Francisco)

Attitude Adjustment  

(San Francisco)

Authentic Virtues (Yuba City)

The Authorities  (Stockton)

The Autistics  (San Diego)

Automatic  (Los Angeles)

Anonomy (Huntington Beach)

Avengers (San Francisco)

Bpeople  (Los Angeles)

Bpeople  (Los Angeles)

Roland barker  (Sanata Clara)

bAd bAd  (Oakland)

Bad Daddies  (CA)

Bad Jesus Experience

(San Francisco)

Bad Noids  (Cleveland)

Bad Religion (Los Angeles)

Bad Year  (Denver)

Badtown Boys  (Los Angeles)

The Bags  (Los Angeles)

Bam! Bam!  (Oakland)

The Barbies  (CA)

Barnacle Choir (Santa Cruz)

Bill Bartell (San Bernardino)

Bastard Noise  (Los Angeles)

Stiv Bators (Los Angeles)

Batshit Crazy (CA)

Battalion of Saints  (San Diego)

Battery Farley  (Los Angeles)

Battleship  (Oakland)

The Beans  (San Francisco)

Beast (San Francisco)

Beast of Beast (Los Angeles)

Beating  (San Diego)

Beat-E-O's  (Los Angeles)

The Beatnigs   (San Francisco)

Phil Bedel  (Los Angeles)

Before During and After

(Los Angeles)

The Beguiled (Los Angeles)

Bob Beland (Los Angeles)

Benedict Arnold and the Traitors  

(Los Angeles)

Bent Blue (San Diego)

Berlin Brats  (Los Angeles)

Betrayed   (CA)

Beyond Pain (Los Angeles)

Biohazard   (Monterey)

Bl'ast!  (Santa Cruz)

Black Church (Los Angeles)

Black Flag  (Los Angeles)

Frank Black and The Catholics

(Los Angeles)

Black Humor  (San Francisco)

Black Magnet (Los Angeles)

Blades (Huntington Beach)

Phil Blankenship (Los Angeles)

The Blasters (Downey)

Blatz (Berkley)

Kevin Blechdom (San Francisco)

Blind Acceptance (Walnut Creek)

Blind Spot  (West Covina)

Blister  (San Francisco)

The Blitz  (San Francisco)

Bloody Faith (San Francisco)

Blues Lawyer  (Oakland)

Bob  (San Francisco)

The Bodies  (Sonoma)

Boi (Berkeley)

The Boneless Ones (Berkeley)

Bootboys (Los Angeles)

Borderline  (CA)

Borderline  (CA)

Bowling for Larva (San Diego)

Box o' Laffs  (Santa Cruz)

Bracket (Forestville)

The Bragging Lads (CA)

Brain Bagz  (Los Angeles)

The Brainiacs (Los Angeles)

The Brainz  (US - CA, Phoenix)

The Brankkus  (San Francisco)

Brave New World  (Cucamonga)

Breakaway  (San Ramon)

Breakouts (San Francisco)

Breather (San Francisco)

Bren't Lewiis Ensemble (Butte)

Broken Needle  (Los Angeles)

Bulimia Banquet  (Los Angeles)

Bullet Treatment  (Los Angeles)

Burning Image (Bakersfield)

Burning Witches  (San Francisco)

Busted Outlook  (CA)

The Bwana Devils   (Napa)

The By Products  (Los Angeles)

Cadillac Trams  (Orange County)

CCR Headcleaner (Oakland, San Francisco)

Cambodian Kids  (Fresno)

Camper Van Beethoven  

(Santa Cruz)

Capitol Punishment (Fresno)

Captain 9's & the KnickerBoker Trio


Captain Beefheart  (Glendale)

The Cardiac Kidz (San Diego)

Carpets  (US - CA,  San Francisco)

Cardinal Sin (San Francisco)

Caroliner Rainbow (Berkeley)

Carry Nation  (Los Angeles)

Leticia Castaneda (Los Angeles)

The Cat Heads  (San Francisco)

Cat Scan  (Los Angeles)

Catch 22 (Hacienda Heights)

Cathedral of Tears  (Los Angeles)

Cave State  (Duarte)

Monte Cazazza (San Francisco)

S.E.C.  (CA)

Cerebral Ballz (Costa Mesa)

Ceremony  (Rohnert Park)

C'est Dommage  (San Francisco)

Chain of Strength  (Los Angeles)

Chainsaw  (Los Angeles)

Nicole Chambers   (Los Angeles)

Channel 3  (Cerritos)

Chardon Square  (Los Angeles)

Charger (Oakland)

Char-Man (Ojai)

Cheifs (Hollywood)

Chemical Toybox  (San Francisco)

The Child Hoods (La Puente)

The Child Molesters (Los Angeles)

Child Support  (Berkeley)

Crime  (San Francisco)

China White  (Huntington Beach)

Choir Invisible (Los Angeles)

Christ on Parade  (San Francisco)         

Christian Death  (Los Angeles)

Christian Lunch (Los Angeles)

Chrome (San Francisco)

Church Police  (Concord)

Cipher  (Los Angeles)

Circle Jerks (Los Angeles)

Circuit Wound   (Los Angeles)

Civil Disobedience  (Los Angeles)

Claw Hammer  (Los Angeles)

Clevers  (Sacramento)

Clit45 (Los Angeles)

Cliquey Bitches  (Los Angeles)

Closedown  (San Diego)

Clown Alley  (San Francisco)

The Coast (Oakland)

Code of Honor (San Francisco)

Cold beat (San Francisco)

Cold Cave  (Los Angeles)

Cold September  (Los Angeles)

Cold Stare ( Chula Vista)

Claude Coma & the IVs  

(CA, San Diego)

Complete Disorder  (San Rafael)

The Complicators  (Emeryville)

Composite  (Oakland)

Con-800 (Hermosa Beach)

Confederate (Los Angeles)

The Consumers (US - CA)

Contaminators  (Bakersfield)

Control Freaks  (San Francisco)

Controllers  (Los Angeles)

Conquest For Death  (San Francisco)

Convicted  (Los Angeles)

Corpus Delicti  (Los Angeles)

Corrupted Morals   (Richmond)

Cosmetics (San Francisco)

The Cramps


Akron->NY->CA, LA)

Crawl Unit  (Sacremento)

Crankshaft (Los Angeles)

The Crawdaddys   (San Diego)

Creative Adult (San Francisco)

The Creamers  (Los Angeles)

The Crewd (Long Beach)

Crime (San Francisco)

Crimpshrine  (Berkeley)

Crimson Ghostbusters (San Francisco)

Crimson Scarlet   (San Francisco)

Crisis Man  (Santa Rosa)

Cross Control (Los Angelas)

Crossed Out  (Encintas)

Cronander  (Oakland)

The Crowd   (Los Angeles)

Crucifix  (Berkeley)

Jason Crumer (Oakland)

Cruz Somers (Los Angeles)

The Damage Done  (San Luis)

Danny and the Parkins Sisters  

(San Francisco)

Dare (Fullerton)

Darksmith (San Francisco)

Daucus Karota (Pomona)

David Microwave  (San Francisco)

D.C. 3  (Los Angeles)

The Deadbeats  (San Francisco)

Deadfall (San Francisco/Oakland)

Dead Friends 46  (CA)

Dead Hippie  (Los Angeles)

Dead Kennedys  (San Francisco)

Dead Meat  (CA)

Dead Pledge   (Sacramento)

The Death Army  (San Francisco)

Debt of Nature (Los Angeles)

Decry  (Los Angeles)

Deerhuff (Los Angeles)

Defy  (Oakland)

Den 55 (Oakland)

Deprogrammer  (Los Angelas)

Der Stab  (Los Angeles)

Descendents (Los Angeles)

Despise You  (Inglewood)

Destry Hampton & Wolves from Hell

(San Francisco)

The Detonators  (San Francisco)

The Devastaters  (Los Angeles)

D.I.  (Los Angeles)

The DI's  (Los Angeles)

The Deviants (Berkeley)

Diatribe (San Diego)

Diatric Puds and the Blobettes(CA)

Dickheads  (San Francisco)

The Dickies

(San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles)

The Dils (Los Angeles->San Francisco)

Dino Dimuro  (Los Angeles)

The Dingees  (Orange County)

The Diapers   (Los Angeles)

Disability  (N. Hollywood)

Dischords  (Los Angeles)

Dissension (Long beach)

Divine Horsemen  (Los Angeles)

The Divided ( Orange County)

Doggy Style (Placentia)

Domino Theory (San Francisco)

Don't No   (Oxnard)

Doo-Dooettes  (Los Angeles)

Dot 3 (Los Altos)

Double Cross (Oakland)

Dr. Know  (Oxnard)

Drama  (San Francisco)

Drastic Action (Inland Empire)

Dred Scott (Los Angeles)

Drunk Injuns  (San Francisco)

Dennis Duck  (Los Angeles)

The Dull  (Covina)

Dwarves (San Francisco)

Kevyn Dymond  (Arcata)

Dystopia (Oakland)

Earth DIes Burning (San Fernando Valley)

The Earwigs  (Orange County)

Eazy Teeth  (San Francisco)

Eddie and the Subtitles

(Los Angeles)

Effluxus    (San Francisco)

The Ejector Seats  (CA)

Eleventh Hour  (Fairfield)

Enablers  (San Francisco)

The End  (San Francisco)

Endless Banana  (Los Angeles)

Enemy  (Los Angeles)

Robert English (Danville)

Entropy  (Los Angeles)

Erik Core  (San Francisco)

The Evasions  (San Diego)

Expasperation Missionary  (CA)

Executioner (San Jose)

Executives (San Diego)

Exit Unit (CA)

Exobiota (Los Angeles)

Exotic Hipsters  (San Rafael)

Excessive Cruelty (San Francisco)

Extremes  (Los Angeles)

Eyeball  (Berkeley)

Eyes  (Los Angeles)

Eyes of God (San Francisco)

The Eyes of Mind  (Los Angeles)

F Word!  (Los Angeles)

The Faction  (Citrus Heights)

The Factory  (Los Angeles)

Factrix  (San Francisco)

Fade to Black  (San Francisco)

Fahrenheit 451 (CA)

Faith. No Man. (San Francisco)

Faith No More  (San Francisco)

Falling Idols (Los Angeles)

False Alarm  (Monterey)

False Alarm  (Beverly Hills)

False Confession (Oxnard)

Fang  (Berkeley)

Fatal Error  (Chatsworth)

Fatigue  (San Francisco)


Fear (Los Angeles)

Fearless Leader (Los Angeles)

Fender Buddies  (Los Angeles)

Fhab 4  (Los Angeles)

The Fibonaccis (Los Angeles)

Fishbone  (Los Angeles)

Fissure  (CA)

Fiends  (Los Angeles)

Filtering Pore (San Rafael)

Final Conflict  (Los Angeles)

Final Conflict (Los Angeles)

The Flakes  (San Francisco)

Flat Worms   (Los Angeles)

Fleshies  (Oakland)

The Flesh Eaters (Los Angeles)

Flight 401 (Los Angeles)

Flipper (San Francisco)

Floorlords (Los Angeles)

Flower Leperds  (Los Angeles)

Flyboys  (Arcadia)

The Flytraps (Los Angeles)

The Flying Luttenbachers (Oakland)

FM Knives  (Sacramento)

F-Minus  (Huntington Beach)

Fog Lamp (Oakland)

Folded Shirt  (San Francisco)

Forced Tradition  (Sacramento)

Forethought  (San Francisco)

Forged  (San Fernanado)

Le Forte Four  (Los Angeles)

Fountains of Use  (San Francisco)

Thee Fourgiven (Los Angeles)

Debbie Jaffe  (Los Angeles)

Free Beer (San Francisco)

Freestone (San Francisco)

Freewill (Big Bear City)

Frightwig  (San Francisco)

Frontier Club (CA)

Front Line  (Los Gatos)

Fuck-Ups  (San Francisco)

Fuga (Santa Ana)

Fundamental  (Los Angeles)

Funeral  (Long Beach)

The Furys  (Los Angeles)

Fussy  (Santa Rosa)

Futrura (Los Angeles)

Diamanda Galas  (San Diego)

Game Theory  (Davis)

Gang Green & the Amputators

(San Francisco)

Gasp  (Los Angeles)

The Gears  (Los Angeles)

Geisha Girls  (Los Angeles)

Generacion Suicida  (Los Angeles)

The Generators  (Los Angeles)

German Shepherds  (San Francisco)

Germs  (Los Angeles)

Geza X  (Los Angeles)

The Gigolos   (Los Angeles)

Glands Of External Secretion (San Francisco)

Gleaming Spires  (Los Angeles)

Glitter Symphony  (Los Angeles)

Glorious Din  (San Francisco)

Scott Goddard  (Los Angeles)

Godhead Lakewood)

Golden Gate Jumpers (San Francisco)

Gone Fishin'  

(Los Angeles - MS, Jackson)

Gone-Heads  (Sunnyvale)

Good Riddance (Santa Cruz)

The Gravedigger V (San Diego)

Great Apes  (San Francisco)

Green Day  (San Francisco)

Green on Red  

(AZ, Tucson -->CA, Los Angeles

Greyhound (oakland)

Randy Greif  (Los Angeles)

The Grim  (Los Angeles)

Gross Negligence  (CA, San Diego)

Gross Polluter  (CA)

Peter Gullerud

(WI,->CA,Pine Mountain--> Taft)

Guillotine  (Los Angeles)

Guitardoz  ( Berkeley)

Gunn  (Orange County)

The Gun Club  (Los Angeles)

GX Jupitter-Larsen  (Hollywood)

Half Church (Palo Alto)

Half Life (Pittsburgh)

Half Off (Orange County)

Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet

(San Francisco)

Hard Left  (Oakland)

Hard Stance (Los Angeles)

Hari Kari (San Pedro)

Harpoon Guns  (Huntington Beach)

Harsh Reality (Fresno)

Hatemail Killerz  (CA)

Hated (Huntington Beach)

Hated Principles  (Los Angeles)

The Haters (Los Angeles)

Hayley And The Crushers

(San Luis Obispo)

Head boggle (San Francisco)

Headfirst  (Tusin)

Headstrong  (Los Angeles)

Hell's Kitchen  (San Francisco)

Hellish Inferno  (Oakland)

Helios Creed (Long Beach)

The Helpless  (Los Angeles)

Heroin (San Diego)

Het Taxi  (Hollywood)

Hidden Peace

(Sacromento---> Los Angeles)

Brook Hinton  (San Francisco)

David Hines  (Los Angeles)

Hips  (CA)

The Hitmakers (San Diego)

The Hitmakers  (Oakland)

Hits (Oakland)

Hole  (San Francisco)

The Hollywood Squares  

(Los Angeles)

Home Birth  (San Jose)

Anna Homler    (San Francisco)

Honeywell (Corona)

Hot Food to Go (Los Angeles)

Hot Split Dancers (Stockton)

Hot Snakes (San Diego)

Martin Human  (San Francisco)

Human Hands  (Los Angeles)

Human Therapy  (Glendora)

The Humpers  (Long Beach)

Jack Hertz  (San Francisco)

Hypnotics  (Los Angeles)

I Am the Hamster  (Norwalk)

Iconoclast  (Sylmar)

I.C.U. (San Francisco)

Identity Crysis

(Sacramen->San Diego)

Idiot  (San Francisco)

The Idlewiles  (San Francisco)

If-Then-Else (Los Angeles)

Ill Repute   (Oxnard)

Ill Will  ( El Segundo)

Los Illegals (Los Angeles)

Imparcial (San Jose)

The Impostors   (San Francisco)

Impatient Youth (San Francisco)

Impregnable  (Long Beach)

In Your Face (CA)

Index (San Francisco)

Infest  (Los Angeles)

Inflatable Boy Clams

(San Francisco)

Initiate   (Southern CA)

The Injections (Coronado)

Insanity Puppets (Santa Rosa)

Inside Out  (Los Angeles)

Insolents (San Diego)

Insted (Anahelm)

Insulin Reaction (Pomona)

The Insults (Del Ray Oaks)

Iron CUrtain (Santa Barbara)

Isotope  (Oakland)

Jack Acid  (Berkeley)

Jade Dust (Santa Barbara)

The Jetz  (Los Angeles)

Jello Biafra  (Boulder)

Ryan Jencks (Oakland)

Jayne Doe (San Francisco)

Jeff Mortal  (CA)

JIA (Sacramento)

Joey Cape  (Santa Barbara)

Jonese (Los Angeles)


(Fullerton, Orange County)

Gary Kail (Los Angeles)

Kalou (San Francisco)

Kamala and the Karnivores  


Kaos (Los Angeles)

Ernst Karel (Standford)

Keepers (San Diego)

Edmund Emil Kemper (Burbank)

The Key  (La Verne)

Nora Keyes  (Los Angeles)

Khiis  (Oakland)

Kicker  (Oakland)

Killroy  (Los Angeles)

The Kilroys (Los Angeles)

The Klan  (Huntington Beach)

Knife Fight (CA)

Kommunity FK  (Los Angeles)

Harmony Korine (Bolinas)

Korrosive  (Oakland)

Krüel (Cudahy/ Los Angeles)

Lab Rats (San Francisco)

Lack Of Interest (Burbank)

Lady Hump  (Los Angeles)

Lamps (Los Angeles)

Large Hardware (Los Angeles)

The Last (Los Angeles)

Last Warning  (Sanata Ana)

Launcher  (Los Angeles)

The Lazy Cowgirls (Los Angeles)

Lethal Weapon  (Los Angeles)

Left Insane (Los Angeles)

Legal Weapon  (Los Angeles)

Lethal Gospel  (San Francisco)

Lewd Acts  (San Diego)

Lifes Halt (Los Angeles)

Lil Bunnies  (Sacramento)

The Living End  (San Jose)

The Lizerds  (Bakersfield)

Loachfillet (Oakland)

Löckheed (Santa Rosa)

The Locust (San Diago)

Lolly Gaggers (Oakland)

Schlong   (Berkeley)

Schlong   (Oakland)

Scholastic Deth   (Richmond)

Screaming Fist  (Oakland)

Screamin' Sirens  (Los Angeles)

Screamers (Los Angeles)

Secret Hate  (Long Beach)

Secret Mutilator  (Los Angeles)

Seditionaries  (Los Angeles)

sextile  (Los Angeles)

Seized Up (Santa Cruz)

Seizure  (San Francisco)

Sewer Trout (Concor->Sacramento)

Jackie Shark and the Beach Butchers


Shark Toys (Los Angeles)  

Shattered Faith  (Los Angeles)

Shelf Life  (Los Angeles)

The Shifters   (San Francisco)

Shiners Club  (Orange County)

Shit Coffins (Oakland)

Shok (Los Angeles)

Short Dogs Grow  (San Francisco)

ShotWell  (San Francisco)

The Shreds (Los Angeles)

Shrinkwrap Killers (Oakland)

Sick Burn (Sacromento)

Sick Pleasure  (San Francisco)

Signal of Distress  (Los Angeles)

Silent Era (San Francisco)

Silver Chalice  (Los Angeles)

Simpletones  (Rosemead)

Sincere Fibers  (Laguna Beach)

The Singles  (CA)

The Sins (US - CA, San Bernardino)

Sins of the Flesh  (Sacramento)

Sis Q Lint  (Los Angles)

Sissyfit  (Stockton)

Sixes (Oakland)

The Situations (San Francisco)

The Skinflutes  (Berkeley)

The Skirts  (Los Angeles)

The Skoings (Los Angeles)

Skozey Fetisch (San Francisco)

Skrews   (Los Angeles)

The Skulls  (Los Angelas)

Slaughter (San Diego)

Slaughterhouse  (Los Angeles)

The Sleepers  (San Francisco)

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum  


Slivers (San Pedro)

Slovenly  (San Pedro)

Sluglords  (San Francisco)

Slut Vinyl Fresno)

Jimmy Smack   (San Pedro)

Winston Smith  (CA)

Smogtown (Los Angeles)

Smut (CA)

Azalia Snail (Los Angeles)

The Snails  (CA)

Snakes (CA)

Snuky Tate  (San Francisco)

Social Distortion  (Fullerton)

Social Justice   (Sylmar)

Social Revenge (Sacramento)

Social Spit  (San Diego)

Social Task  (Huntington Beach)

Society Dog (San Francisco)

The Soft Moon  (Oakland)

Soldiers of Fortune  (San Diego)

Solid Eye (Los Angeles)

Solidarity   (Long Beach)

Some Gifts  (Los Angeles)

Songs For Snakes (San Francisco)

Sorex  (Redondo Beach)

S.O.S. (Los Angeles)

Soup  (Berkeley)

Spazz  (Redwood City)

Special Forces (Berkeley)

The Spectacles  (San Francisco)

Speculum Fight  (Los Angeles)

Spider Compass Good Crime Band

(San Francisco)

Spikes (CA, Santa Cruz->San Francisco)

Spitboy  (San Francisco)

The Spastics   (San Francisco)

Spot  (CA, Los Angeles-> TX, Austin)

Square Cools  (Sacramento)

Squirmbo  (San Francisco)

Spy (San Francisco)

SS-20   (Los Angeles)

SSQ   (Los Angeles)

Stains  (Los Angeles)

Stalag 13 (Oxnard)

Stand Alone  (Orange County)

The Standbys (San Diego)

Stank Voor Dank   (San Francisco)

Stapled Shut   (West Covina)

Start   (Palo Alto)

Stepmothers  (Los Angeles)

Sterile Minds  (Oakland)

The Stingers  (Los Angeles)

Carl Stone (Los Angeles)

Street Eaters   (Berkley/Oakland)

Strife   (Los Angeles)

Strike To Survive   (CA)

Strung Out  (Simi Valley)

Strychnine  (Oakland)

Stukas Over Bedrock  (Los Angeles)

The Subtractions  (Fresno)

Suburban Lawns  (Los Angeles)

Sudden Fun (Berkeley)

Suicidal Tendencies  (Los Angeles)

Silvum  (Oakland)

Sunk   (CA)

Super Heroines  (Los Angeles)

Surf Punks (Malibu)

Surplus 1980 (Oakland)

Surrogate Brains  (Stockton)

Suspects (Davis)

S.V.D.B. (Los Angeles)

SWA (Los Angeles)

Sweet Baby  (San Francisco)

Sweet Reaper  (Ventura)

The Swingin' Utters  (CA)

Symbol Six (Los Angeles)

Symptoms  (San Francisco)

Syntax (Los Angeles)

Syndicate (Oakland)

Tales of Terror (Sacramento)

Talk Is Poison  (Oakland)

Tanks  (US - CA, San Francisco)

Tans from the Sun  (Los Angeles)

Target 13 (Palm Springs)

Target of Demand  (Los Angeles)

The Targets (Pomona)

Tärr (Los Angeles)

Max Tash (Los Angeles)

Tazers (Fullerton)

Teenage PhDs (Berkeley)

The Tell-Tale Hearts  (San Diego)

Ten Tall Men (Berkeley)

The Tenants   (San Francisco)

The Textones (Los Angeles)

THC (Livermore)

These Bastards  (San Francisco)

Th' Losin Streaks  (Sacramento)

Thee Sixpence  (Los Angeles)

The New Flesh (Oakland)

The Things  (Los Angeles,La Habra)

The Thingz  (Long Beach)

Think Tank  (Fresno)

The Three O'Clock  (Los Angeles)

The Throwups  (San Francisco)

Tipper's Gore  (Huntington Beach)

Tito & Trantula (Los Angeles)

Toiling Midgets  (San Francisco)

The Tokyos  (San Diego)

Tommy Bahama Boys   (Frenso)

Tommy-Rot  (Berkeley)

The Tools  (San Francisco)

The Toons (Los Angeles)

Tørsö  (Oakland)

Tortür (Los Angeles)

Total Massacre  (Los Angelas)

Touchtones  (Francisco)

Tower of Swine (Sunnyvale)

Toxic Youth (Arroyo Grande)

Toyota (Oakland)

Toys That Kill  (San Pedro)

Tozcos  (Santa Ana)

Tragic Mulatto  (San Francisco)

Trial  (San Francisco)

Tribes Of Neurot   (CA)

Tribe of Resistance  (San Francisco)

De De Troit (Los Angeles)

Trotsky Icepick   (Los Angeles)

Jimmy True (San Diego)

Trumans Water   (San Diego)

True West  (Davis)

T.S.O.L.  (Los Angeles)

The Tubes   (San Francisco)

John Trubee   (CA)

Tuxedomoon   (San Francisco)

TVTV$  (Los Angeles)

The Tweenagers  (Los Angeles)

Twisted Roots (Los Angeles)

The Twisters  (Los Angeles)

Twompsax  (Oakland)

The Tyros  (Pacific Grove)

Ultrasheen  (San Francisco)

Unauthorized  (Pasaden)

Unbroken (San Diego)

The Unclaimed  (Los Angeles)

The Undead   (San Francisco)

Thee Undertakers  (Los Angeles)

Unit 3 with Venus   (Los Angeles)

Units   (San Francisco)

Unit Pride   (San Ramon)

Unity  (Fountain Valley)

UNS   (San Francisco)

Urban Assault  (San Francisco)

Urgency (Frenso)

Urinals (Los Angeles)

The Users  (San Luis, Obispo)

U.T.I.   (San Juan Capistrano)

The Untold Fables  (Los Angales)

U.X.A.  (San Francisco-> Los Angeles)

VS  (San Francisco)

The Val Papadins (CA)

The Vandals  (Los Angeles)

The Vectors (Fullerton)

Venkman  (Oakland/San Francisco)

Venus & the Razorblades

(Los Angeles)

Very Paranoia (San Francisco)

Victims Family  (Santa Rosa)

Vile Life  (Los Angeles)

Vile Reality  (San Diego)

Violent Minds  (San Jose)

Visual Discrimination  (Orange County)

Vicious Circle  (San Francisco)

The Voids  (CA)

Video Rouge (San Francisco)

The Vidiots (Los Angeles)

VKTMS (San Francisco)

Voice Farm   (San Francisco)

VOM  (Los Angeles)

John Vomit and the LeatherScabs

(Palo Alto)

Vomit Launch (Chico)

Voodoo Church (Los Angeles)

Vox Pop  (Los Angeles)

The Vulturas (Southern CA)

Waco Fuck  (San Diego)

Tom Waits  (Pomona)

Walk Proud  (Norwalk)

War Bison  (San Francisco)

Warkrime (San Francisco)

Warning?  (San Francisco)

Warp (San Francisco)

WarZone   (San Francisco)

Wasted Youth   (Los Angeles)

The Weasels  (Culver City)

The Web (Los Angeles)

Wednesday Week  (Los Angeles)

The Weirdos  (Los Angeles)

Johanna Went  (Los Angeles)

Western Waste  (El Segundo)

Wetnurse   (San Francisco)

Whipping Boy  (Palo Alto)

Gerritt Wittmer (Oakland)

White Flag (Los Angeles)

John Wiese (Los Angeles)

Wig Torture  (San Mateo)

Wildkatts  (Los Angeles)

Wilma (San Francisco)

Wimpy Dicks  (San Luis Obispo)

Window Pain  (San Bernardino)

Wipes (Sacramento)

The Wirms (Chino)

Withdraw (San Marcos)

The Witnesses  (San Francisco)

Wizard  (San Diego)

Billy Wizard (Los Angeles)

Wobbly (San Francisco)

The World  (Oakland)

Wounds (San Francisco)

Wrestling Worms (Santa Cruz)

Würm  (Los Angeles)

X-iles (San Francisco)

X-tal   (San Francisco)

XMas Eve  (El Sobrante)

Xterminators  (San Diego)


The Yeastie Girlz  (San Francisco)

Yo (Oakland)

Young Alcoholics  (Santa Cruz)  

Young Lords  (Los Angeles)

Youth Brigade   (Los Angeles)

Youth Draft  (Orange County)

Youth Gone Mad  (Los Angeles)

Zebra Stripes  (Los Angeles)

Zero Progress (Danville)

The Zeros (Los Angeles)

Z'EV  (CA, San Francisco-> NY)

Zimbo Chimps (Pomona)

The Zippers (Los Angeles)

The Zodiac Killers  (San Francisco)

Zurich 1916   (Los Angeles)

Lonely Crowd   (Saratoga)

The Long Ryders  (Los Angeles)

Look Back And Laugh  (Oakland)

The Lookouts  (Iron Peak)

The Losers (San Francisco)

Loser Life  (Bakersfield)

Lost Cause  (Orange County)

Lost Patrol  (San Francisco)

Los Huaycos (Oakland)

Los Microwaves (San Francisco)

Los Olvidado  (San Jose)

The Loudmouths (San Francisco)

The Love Below  (Los Angeles)

Love Canal  (Huntington Beach)

Love Circus  (San Francisco)

The Low Numbers  (Claremont)

Low Threat Profile    (Los Angeles)

Macrodose  (San Francisco)

MAD  (Santa Cruz)

Mad Parade  (Los Angeles)

Mad Society (Los Angeles)  

The Maids  (Berkeley)

Jonny Manak And The Depressives

(San Jose)

Man Destroys  (Long Beach)

Maniax  (Fresno)

Manic Hispanic (Orange County)

Manic Subsidal  (Los Angeles)

Manson Youth   (Chino)

Manual Scan  (San Diego)

Marbled Eye  (Oakland)

Mass Arrest (Oakland)

Master/Slave Relationship  

(Los Angeles)

The Matchheads (San Francisco)

Mau Maus  (Los Angeles)

Mayyors  (Sacramento)

Meatwagon  (San Diego)

The Mel   (Los Angeles)

Membranes   (Van Nuys)

Men Without Work  (Santa Ana)

Mental Pygmies   (Martinez)

Mentors  Los Angeles)

Mercenaries   (San Francisco)

Mercenary  (San Diego)

Los Microwaves  (San Francisco)

Middle-Aged Queers (Oakland)

The Middle Class  (Santa Ana)

Midnight Bombers  (San Francisco)

Midnite Snaxxx  (Oakland)

Mighty Quinn  (Oakland)

Migraine  (Concord)

Militarie Gun (Los Angeles)

Mind Over Four  (Los Angeles)

Ministry of Truth  (La Mesa)

The Minority  (Cupertino)

Minus One  (San Francisco)

Miserable Sex  (San Francisco)

Mistaken Identity (San Jose)

The Misunderstood  (Riverside)

MJB  (San Francisco)

The MnM's   (Fullerton)

Mnemonic Devices (Huntington Beach)

Mod hippie  (Los Angeles)

Modern Industry (Los Angeles)

Modern Protest  (Los Angeles)

Modern Warfare (Long Beach)

The Moderns   (Los Angeles)

Moggs  (San Francisco)

The Mohawks  (San Francisco)

Moist and Meaty  (Los Angeles)

Mojo   (San Francisco)

Monoshock   (Oakland)

Monoshocks  (CA)

Moth Drakula - (Redondo Beach)

Mary Monday & the Bitches

(San Francisco)

Mood of Defiance (Herosa Beach)

Morally Bankrupt (San Francisco)

Max Nordile (Oakland)

Mr. Bungle  (Eureka)

The Mr. T Experience  

(San Francisco)

M Section  (Santa Rosa)

The Mummies  (Daly)

Mundo Muerto  (CA)

Mutants   (San Francisco)

Mutilated Tongue  (Oakland)

My Favorite Martian  (Los Angeles)

Naked Lady Wrestlers (Crockett)

Narthex Structure  (Ventura)

Nasal Sex  (Morgan Hill)

Naturecore (Los Angeles)

NASA Space Universe  (Santa Ana)

Nazi Bitch & The Jew (Fresno)

Neef   (Los Angeles)

The Negatives (CA)

Negativland  (San Francisco)

Negative Standards (Oakland)

Negative Trend  (San Francisco)

Neighborhood Brats (San Francisco)

Neighborhood Watch  (Venice)

Neighborhood Watch (Chula Vista)

Neo Cons  (San Francisco)

Neon Maniacs  (Fullerton)

Neutrals  (Oakland)

The Nerve Agents  (Berkeley)

The Nerves  (Los Angeles)

Nervous Gender  (Los Angeles)

Neurosis  (Oakland)

Neutrals  (Oakland)

New Regime  (Los Angeles)

The New Trust  (Santa Rosa)

New Skelton Faces  (San Deigo)

The New Vulgarians  (Concord)

Nico Bones  (Mission Viejo)

Nig-Heist  (Los Angeles)

Nightstick Justice  (CA)

Nihilist Cunt  (Bay Area)

Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper  

(San Diego)

No Bunny (Oakland)

No Comment  (North Hollywood)

No Control  (Redondo Beach)

No Crisis  (Los Angeles)

No For An Answer (Orange County)

No Label (Modesto)

No Mistake  (San Jose)

No Statik  (CA)

NO-Y-Z  (Riverside)

NoFX  (Los Angeles)

Noh Mercy  (San Francisco)

The Noise  (San Francisco)

Numbers  (San Francisco)

October Faction  (Los Angeles)

Odd Man Out (San Jose)

The Odds (Sunland)

The Odds (San Diego)

Odin  (Oakland)

Odio  (Oakland)

The Offspring  (Los Angeles)

Oldfashioned Ideas  (San Francisco)

Los Olvidados  (San Jose)

Operation Ivy  (Berkeley)

Oppressed Logic (Oakland)

Opus (Los Angeles)

Outsiders (Orange County)

Outspoken (Huntington Beach)

The Outta Sorts  (CA)

OVVN  (Santa Rosa)

Overwhelming Colorfast (Antioch)

The Overrides  (CA)

Oxbow  (San Francisco)

Ozzie  (Sacramento)

P22  (Los Angeles)

Pagan Myth (San Bernardino)

Painted Willie  (Los Angeles)

The Pandoras (Los Angeles)

Pariah  (Martinez)

Part-Time Christians (San Diego)

Nik Pascal (Los Angeles)

Patti  (Oakland)

The Patients  (CA)

Patriots  (Los Angeles)

The Pattern (Oakland)

The Patterns  (Long Beach)

Peace Corpse   (Pomona)

Pearl Harbor and the Explosions

(San Francisco)

P.E.A.R.L. (Moreno Valley)

Pedestrian Deposit  (Los Angeles)

Peer Group  (San Pedro)

Peer Pressure  (Santa Cruz)

The Penetrators (San Diego)

Permanent Ruin  (San Jose)

Personal Conflict  (San Diego)

Peter and Mary Saving Grace

(Los Angeles)

PGR (Oakland)

Phallacy  (Eureka)

The Phantom Limbs  (Oakland)

Phantom Opera  (Long Beach)

Pinhead Gunpowder  (Arcata)

Pissed Happy Children  (Pomona)

Phillip Werren (Vallejo)

Pig Children (Los Angeles)

Pilgrim State  (Los Angeles)

Pillsbury Hardcore (Promona)

Pink Section  (San Francisco)

Pitckfork (San Diego)

Plaid Retina   (Fresno)

Plain Jane and the Jokes  

(Del Rey Oaks)

Plain Wrap  (Huntington Beach)

Plebs  (San Pedro)

PLH   (San Francisco)

The Plimsouls (Los Angeles)

The Plugz  (Los Angeles)

Pod Blotz (Oakland)

Police State  (Berkeley)

Political Crap  (Orange County)

Points Of Friction (Los Angeles)

Pollution Circus  (Sacramento)

The Pop  (Los Angeles)

Pop-O-Pies (San Francisco)

Positive Approach  (San Fernando)

Positive Citizen  (San Francisco)

Rick Potts   (Los Angeles)

The Powerchords  (Chula Vista)

Powerhouse (Oakland)

Powertrip (Los Angeles)

Preening (Oakland)

The Press  (Redondo Beach)

The Prime Movers  (Sierra Madre)

Primer Grey  (Bakersfield)

The Premos   (San Luis Obispo)

Prism (Oakland)

Prision Postumo  (Santa Ana)

Prized Pig  (Los Angels)

The Premonitions (Los Angeles)

Public Interest (Oakland)

Quaaludes (San Francisco)

The Question?   (Los Angeles)

Quick and the Dead (CA, Northern)

Quiet Room (San Francisco)

Rabid Lassie   (San Ramon)

Rabies (Venice)

Radio Reelers  (San Francisco)

Rain Parade (Los Angeles)

Randoms (Los Angeles)

Raskul  (Berkeley)

Raszebrae  (Los Angeles)

Rat Fancy  (Los Angeles)  

Rat Pack (Santa Barbra)

Rats in the Wall  (Huntington Beach)

The Ravers   (Los Angeles)

Reach Out (CA, Northeren)

Reality Challenged (Long Beach)

Rebels and Infidels (Oakland)

Rebel Truth  (Sacramento)

The Reactors (San Bernardino)

The Realtors  (Santa Cruz)

Reason to Believe   (Los Angeles)

Red Asphalt  (San Francisco)

Red Beret  (Los Angeles)

Redd Kross   (Los Angeles)

Red Hot Chili Peppers  (Los Angeles)

Red Scare  (Los Angeles)

Red Wedding  (Los Angeles)

The Reflectors  (Los Angelas)

Regional Confusion (Los Angelas)

Reign of Terror  (Los Angeles)

Replica   (Oakland)

The Residents  (San Francisco)

Revolution Bummer  (San Francisco)

R.H.Y. Yau  (San Francisco)

Ribsy (San Jose)

Rich and Famous  (Los Angeles)

Rich Kids on LSD  (CA)  

Rik L. Rik  (Los Angeles)

Rinse  (Los Angeles)

The Rip-Offs  (San Francisco)

Rival Squad (San Diego)

Roadkill   (Berkeley)

Rock Bottom and the Spys  

(Los Angeles)

Tommy Rock  (Los Angeles)

Romans   (Los Angeles)

Romper Room Rejects (San Francisco)

Ronnie & the Rayguns (San Francisco)

The Rotters (Los Angeles)

Rough Kids  (Los Angeles)

Rubber Blanket (Los Angeles)

Ruleta Rusa (San Francisco)

Rut   (Santa Rosa)

Saccharine Trust (Los Angeles)

The Scurvies (Sana Rosa)

S.A.D. Boyz   (Fresno)

Saigon  (Tustin)

Saint Vitus  (Los Angeles)

Norman Salant  (San Francisco)

The Same (Riverside)

Samiam  (Berkeley)

Savage Republic  (Los Angeles)

S.B.F.  (US - CA, LA)

S.B.S.M.  (Oakland)

Scarecrows  (Buena Park)

Scared Straight (Simi Valley)

Schematix  (Santa Cruz)

Science Project  (Fullerton)

Schizos   (CA)