Harry Pussy (Miami)

Hated Youth  (Tallahassee)

Headless Marines (Pensacola)

Idle Roo  (Tampa)

Irene Moon (Tallahassee)

Ben Katzman's DeGreaser  


Kill The hostages  (Miami)

The Lead ( Miami)

Liquid Plumbers (Gainesville)

Lovegods in Leisure Suits  


Mauser (Gainesville)

Hal MCgee (Gainesville)

Menstrual Cycles (Miami)

Phil Milstein (Stuart)

Monuments To Ruins  (Tampa)

Morbid Opera   (Miami)

The Mor-Loks  (Ft. Lauderdale)

Murder- Suicide  Pact (Brandon)

The News  (Miami)

No Fraud   (Venice)

Noise for the Needy  (Orlando)

The Numbers (Orlando)

Pagan Faith  (Tampa)

The Peoples Love Cult  

(West Palm Beach)

Period Bomb (Miami)

Permanent Makeup  (FL)

Charlie Pickett & The Eggs


Pink Lincolns  (Tampa)

Post Teens (Gainesville)

Powerhouse  (Miami)

Pretty Voices (St. Petersburg)

Process  (Gainesville)

Protocol (Tallahassee)

Psychic Violents  (FL, Gainesville)

The Psycho Daisies  (Miami)

Radiation  (Gainesville)

Radon  (Gainsville)

The Reactions  (Ft. Lauderdale)

A New Personality (Tampa)

Allergy  (Gainesville)

Antidon'ts  (FL)

Antifaces  (Miami)

Antler Joe and the Accidents  

(Fort Myers)

Armor  (Tallahassee)

Bad Rep  (Ft. Lauderdale)

Bastard Deciever (Tampa)

Beyond Reason  (Miami)

Bitemarks  (Gainesville)

The Bobs (Miami)

Breathers (Ft. Lauderdale)

Brenmar (Miami)

Broken Talent (Miami)

Breathers (Ft. Lauderdale)

Car Bomb Driver  (Tampa/St. Pete)

The Chats  (Miami Beach)

The Cichlids  (Dania Beach)

Joe Colley (FL Lauderdale,--> CA,


Combatwoundedveteran  (Tampa)

Crankshaft  (Clearwater)

Critical Mass   (Miami)

Curleys  (Gainesville)

Damage  (Winter Park)

Death Lottery  (Miami)

Dead Friends (Gainesville)

Disorderly Conduct  (Melbourne)

The Eat  (Miami)

Ecostrike  (Pembroke Pines)

Ego Trip (Ft. Lauderdale)

The Essentials   (Miami)

F   (Palm Beach)

Flaming midgets  (Stuart)

Futurisk (Miami)

F.W.A. (Miami)

Gamma Waves (Orlando)

Gay Cowboys in Bondage (Miami)

Gino And The Goons (FL)

Golden Pelicans  (Orlando)

Scene Report

Reckless Deerhunters  (Tampa)

Reversal Of Man   (Tampa)

The Ridicules

(West Palm Beach, Hypoluxo)

Roach Motel  (Gainesville)

The Roidz   (West Palm Beach)

Rubber Thongs  (Miami)

Rugged Edge  (Hialeah)

RunnAmucks (Orlando)

Otto Von Schirach  (Miami)

Screaming Sneakers

(FL, Miami-> NYC)

Scrotum Grinder  (Tampa)

Sector 4  (Tallahassee)

Shitstorm  (Gainesville)

Slac  (Tallahassee)

Space Force (Miami)

The Spanish Dogs  (Ft. Lauderdale)

The Stick Figures

(FL, Tampa->NY)

Stevie Stiletto  

(FL, Jackson->IN->CA,San Fran)

Bob Suren   (Stuart)

Sewer Zombies (Fort Lauderdale)

Teddy and the Frat Girls  

(Palm Beach)

Tension   (Fort Lauderdale)

Timmy Vulgar's Genetic Armageddon


The U-Boats  (Tampa)

Unstoppable   (Miami)

UV-TV  (Gainesville)

Vagra  (Gainesville)

Voodoo Idols (Tampa)

Webcam Teens (Tallahassee)

We The Living (Miami)

The Wind (Miami)

The Wrap   (Miami)

Xband (Tallahassee)

The X-Conz   (Miramar)