1000 Homo DJs

A-D Relay (CHicago)

Algebra Suicide (Chicago)

Ambition Mission (Chicago)

Anxiety Spree   (Chicago)

Laurie Anderson

The Anti-Bodies  (Chicago)

Apocalypse Hoboken  (Chicago)

Articles of Faith  (Chicago)

Attention Span (Chicago)

Attention Span (Chicago)

A/V Murder   (Chicago)

B-Lovers  (Champaign)

Beluga and the Human Ashtrays


Bhopal Stiffs (Chicago)

Big Black  (Chicago)

Big Nights In   (Chicago)

Big Zit  (Chicago)

Billingsgate   (Chicago)

Binges  (Chicago)

Blackcat Manor  (Freeport)

Blatant Dissent (DeKalb)

Bleeding Gums  (Chicago)

Blood Stained Tool (Carbondale)

Bloodsport  (Chicago)

Bloody Mess & Hate (Peoria)

Bohemia   (Chicago)

Bonemen of Barumba  (Chicago)

Bored Youth  (Chicago)

Charles Bronson (DeKalb)

Boulevard  (Chicago)

Breaking Circus

(IL, Chicago-> MN, Minneapolis)

Breeders  (Champaign)

Bruised  (Chicago)

The Busy Signals (Chicago)

Buzzards  (Chicago)

Can't Move  (Chicago)

Canadian Rifle (Chicago)

Caustic Defiance (Peoria)

CB Radio Gorgeous (Chicago)

Certain Death (Blue Island)

Paul Chastain   (Chicago)

Cheer-Accident (Chicago)

C.H.E.W. (Chicago)

Cleared (Chicago)

Cochina  (Chicago)

Cold Shoulder  (Chicago)

Compressions (Chicago)

Condenada  (Chicago)

Contra-Band  (Champaign)

Coughs (Chicago)

The Crucified (Chicago)

Los Crudos   (Chicago)

Cülo (Chicago)

The C*nts   (Chicago)

Das Kapital  (Chicago)

Daylight Robbery (Chicago)

Dead Meat  (Chicago)

Dead Steemill (Chicago)

The Defoliants   (Chicago)

Deodorant  (Chicago)

Didjits  (Matton)

Dino & Nic (Chicago)

Divine Right (Chicago)

Drats   (Barrington)

Dream Probe (Champaign)

Dreamt  (IL)

Kevin Drumm (Chicago)

The Edseys  (Chicago)

The Effigies (Chicago)

Electric Kool-Aid  (Peoria)

The End  (Chicago)

End Result  (Chicago)

Engine Summer  (Chicago)

Epicycle (Chicago)

Espejos  (Chicago)

Even Score  (Chicago)

Evil I   (Chicago)

The Exit  (Chicago)

False Negative

The Fans  (Chicago)

Karen Finley  (Evenston)

The First Things (Champaign)

Forced Into Femininity (Chicago)

Jeremiah Fisher (Chicago)

Flea Circus  (Chicago)

Foos & money  (Chicago)

Fourteen Or Fight  (Chicago)

Fourth Rotor (Chicago)

Friends of Betty (Chicago)

Fuerza Bruta (Chicago)

The Functional Blackouts  


Gallery Night  (Chicago)

Gary Jones  (Chicago)

Gar Rag   (Chicago)

Gear  (Chicago)

Groove Diggers (Chicago)

Gross National Product  


Groos Point  (Chicago)

Group of Individuals  (Chicago)

Green  (Chicago)

Hip Chemists (Carbondale)

I.D. Under  (Chicago)

The Imports (Chicago)

The Incubators (Chicago)

Initial Reaction  (Plainfield)

Inner Strength  (Hinsdale)

Insult to Injury  (Chicago)

Intifada  (Chicago)

Ivy League  (Chicago)

Kevin Lee and Heartbeat


Knapsack  (Chicago)

The Krunchies  (Chicago)

Bill Laswell (Salem)

Luftwaffe  (Chicago)

Lynyrd's Innards  (Chicago)

The Killers (Chicago)

Kevin Lee and Heartbeat


The Lee Harvey Oswald Band


Lepers  (Chicago)

Life Sentence  (Chicago)

Locrian  (Chicago)

Lowhangers (Chicago)

The Luchs Brothers  (Chicago)

Magas  (Chicago)

Manipulation  (Chicago)

Max Load

(IL, Belleville/ MO,St. Louis)

Meaty Buys  (Chicago)

The Mentally Ill

Mental Insect (Chicago)

Madalyn Merkey (Chicago)

Ministry  (Chicago)

The Mirvs   (Chicago)

Mock Execution (Chicago)

My life with a Thrill Kill Kult  (Chicago)

Nadsat Rebel   (Chicago)

Naked Hippy   (Normal)

Naked Raygun  (Chicago)

Brett Naucke (Chicago)

Negative Element (Willow Springs)

The Ninnies  (Mundelein)

No Empathy  (Chicago)

No More Wars  (Chicago)

The Nukes  (Chicago)

Number None (Chicago)

Oakeater (Chicago)

The Outs   (Chicago)

The Outnumbered (Champaign)

The Ozzfish Experience

(S. Holland)

Tiger Hatchery  (Chicago)

PegBoy  (Chicago)

Pentaject Corporation  (Chicago)

Pezband  (Chicago)

Phil 'n' the Blanks (Chicago)

Pillage  (Chicago)

Piss Piss Piss Moan Moan Moan


Poison Boys  (Chicago)

Positive Shadow (Chicago)

Primitive Teeth  (Chicago)

Protozoas (Posen)

Pryss (Springfield)

Quicksails (Chicago)

Rapeman  (Chicago)

Raw Nerve  (Chicago)

Red Delicious  (Bridgeport)

The Repos    (Chicago)

Ritualistic School of Errors (Chicago)

Rights of the Accused (Chicago)

Ring 13   (DeKalb)

Running (Chicago)

Savage Beliefs (Chicago)

The Scissor Girls (Chicago)

Screams  (Champaign)

Screeching Weasel  (Chicago)

Scene Report

Sea of Salt (Chicago)

Seismic Waves  (Evanston)

Shattered Hymen (Chicago)

Spit Balls  (Evanston)

Shoes  (Zion)

Sick/Tired   (Chicago)

SIde Action (Chicago)

Silver Abuse (Chicago)

Sin Orden   (Chicago)

Six Feet Under (Chicago)

Stan Skora  (Chicago)

Slaughter Rule   (Chicago)

Sludgeworth  (Chicago)

The Slugs  (Chicago)

The Smashing Pumpkins


Will Soderberg (Des Plaines)

Speed Babes  (Chicago)

Splitting Heads  (Chicago)

Spongetunnel  (Chicago)

Spray Paint (Cicero)

Strawberry Cinder Block

(St Charles)

Spread Joy    (Chicago)

Strike Under  (Chicago)

The Suburban Nightmare


Subverts  (Chicago)

Sweet Tooth  (Ofallon)

The Swingers  (Chicago)

Tar  (Chicago)

Tar Pet - (Decatur)

Target  (Chicago)

his Is My Fist

(US - IL,Chicago->CA, San Francisco)

The Throbbers  (Chicago)

Toothpaste (Chicago)

Traitors (Chicago)

Trauma Harness  

(US - IL-> MO, St Louis)

Trial By Fire (Chicago)

Tums   (Chicago)

Tutu And The Pirates  (Chicago)

Udusic   (Chicago)

Ungh!   (Chicago)

Urbn DK  (Kenosha, WI/Zion)

U.S. Maple (Chicago)

The Vertebrats  (Champaign)

Violent Tumor  (Chicago)

Viktimz of Society (Chicago)

Vortis  (Chicago)

War Brides (Chicago)

The Watchmen   (Chicago)

Beau Wanzer (Chicago)

Weasel Walter (Rockford)

Weekend Nachos (DeKald)

White Car  (Chicago-->Ca,

Los Angeles)

White/Light (Chicago)

White Prism  (Chicago)

Winters In Osaka  (Chicago)

The Yolks  (Chicago)

Azita Youssefi  (Chicago)

Zeek Sheck  (Chicago)

Arvo Zylo  (Chicago)