Scene Report

99 Cents (Bloomington)

Advanced (Indianapolis)

Amoebas in Chaos  

(IN, Bloomington->MA, Boston)

The Big Employees


Beltalowda  (Bloomington)

Big Hog   (Indianapolis)

The Bills  (Bloomington)

Steve Birchall (Bloomington)

Blood Farmers (Bloomington)

Bored Cops (W. Lafayette)

Chaotic Neutral (Indianapolis)

Chemotherapy  (W. Lafayette)

Coneheads  (IN)

The Cowboys  (Bloomington)

The Dancing Cigarettes  


Dow Jones & the Industrials

(US - W. Lafayette)

The Down-Fi  (Broad Ripple)

Dryrot  (Richmond)

Erik Nervious  (Hammond)

Full Stride  (Bloomington)

The Gizmos (Bloomington)

The Gynecologists  


The Jetsons (Bloomington)

Killing Children (Columbus)

Last Four (4) Digits


Latex Novelties  (Indianapolis)

Liquids (Northwest)

Mr. Science  (Indianapolis)

Observers Observing Observables


The Panics  (Bloomington)

Public Assault  (Northwest)

The Repellents  (Anderson)

The Resource Network

(Indianapolis / Bloomington)

Screaming Dogs  (W. Lafayette)

Skull Cult (Bloomington)

Sloppy Seconds  (Indianapolis)

Swan Wash (Bloomington)

Malcolm Tent (Indianapolis)

Transgression  (Indianapolis)

The Uninvited (Hammond)

Data Unknown  (Indianapolis)

Viscera (Indianapolis)

Chester Vomit and the Dry Heaves

(South Bend)

Wounded Knee (Indianapolis)

Zero Boys ( Indianapolis)

Zodiacs  (IN)