The Backstabbers (New Orleans)

Chardonnay (New Orleans)

The Contenders (New Orleans)

Direct Attack   (New Orleans)

Disappointed Parents

(New Orleans)

The Droogs (New Orlean)

Heavy Mantle  (Baton Rouge)

The Manic Depressives

(New Orleans)

Men in Black   (New Orleans)

Mystic Insane  (New Orleans)

The Models  (New Orleans)

Special Interest  (New Orleans)

Spoiled Brats   (New Orleans)

Static Static  (New Orleans)

Torture Garden  (New Orleans)

Toxin III  (Crawley)

Trampoline Team   (New Orleans)

Trashlight  (New Orleans)

Tuffy (New Orleans)

The Wayward Youth

(New Orleans)

Zoomers  (Baton Rouge)

M.O.T.O  (New Orleans)

The Normals  (New Orleans)

PScience  (New Orleans)

Quintron And Miss Pussycat  (New Orleans)

Red Rockers  

(New Orleans-->CA,Los Angeles)

Room Service   (New Orleans)

Shell Shock   (New Orleans)

The Shitdogs (  Baton Rouge)

Shitload  (New Orleans)

The Skinnies   (New Orleans)

Sluts  (New Orleans)

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