1/2 Japanese (Uniontown)

The Accused (Baltimore)

Asbestos Rockpyle  (Suitland)

The Bollocks  (Baltimore)

Braillie Party ( Bethesda)

Braver Noise (Baltimore)

George Brigman  (Baltimore)

Candy Machine (Baltimore)

Charm City Suicides


Clancy Six  (Baltimore)

Clutch (MD / WA DC.)

The Dark Siden (Baltimore)

Dog Fashion Disco  (Baltimore)

Ebenezer and the Bludgeons


Jad Fair (Baltimore)

Jean Mills Society Torch (MD)

The Fuses  (Baltimore)

Glue Traps (Baltimore)

Grey March (Baltimore)

Gut Instinct  (Baltimore)

James Twig Harper  (Baltimore)

The Hated (Annapolis)

Images (Arnold)

Thee Katatonix (Baltimore)

Law and Order (Baltimore)

The Left  (Hagerstown)

Lungfish (Baltimore)

Meatbot  (MD)

The Miss  (Baltimore)

Moss Icon   (Annapolis)

Motor Morons  (Baltimore)

Rancid Decay  (Baltimore)

Reptile House (Baltimore)

Roadside Petz  

(Lexington Park)

Ruiner (Baltimore)

The Rude (Annapolis)

Sex on TV  ( Takoma Park)

The Skunks  (MD/ WA DC.)

Spastic Rats  (Annapolis)

Syringe  (US -  Baltimore)

United States of Existence  


Wume   (Baltimore)

Frank Zappa  (Baltimore)

Scene Report