Private Anarchy (Mankato)

Question  (Minneapolis)

Red House (Minneapolis)

The Replacements (Minneapolis)

Rifle Sport  (Minneapolis)

Lou Santacroce  (Minneapolis)

The Slow Death  (Minneapolis)

Smart Alex  (Minneapolis)

Soul Asylum (Minneapolis)

Speedbilly  (Minneapolis)

Spooks (Minneapolis)

State of Fear  (Minneapolis)

Peter Stenshoel (Minneapolis)

The Suburbs  (Minneapolis)

The Suicide Commandos


Sweet J.A.P.  (Minneapolis)

The Thirsty Giants (Mankato)

Tightwire  (Minneapolis)

Tongue Party  (Minneapolis)

Trinity Test  (Minneapolis)

The Turnbuckles (Minneapolis)

Urban Guerillas  (Minneapolis)

Vertigo  (Minneapolis)

The Whole Lotta Loves  


Wild Child  (Minneapolis)

Willful Neglect (St. Paul)

Yipes!  (Minneapolis)

Scene Report

27 Various  (Minneapolis)

The Addictio (Minneapolis)

Arcwelder  (Minneapolis)

Babes in Toyland (Minneapolis)

Baby Astronauts (Columbia Heights)

Belly Jelly  (US, Minneapolis)

Blind Approach  (St. Paul)

Bonefire  (MN, Minneapolis)

Boy Elroy  (St. Paul)

Citric Dummies  (Minneapolis)

Civil Defense  (St Paul)

Closetalker (Minneapolis)

Cock E.S.P. (Minneapolis)

COLOR TV (Minneapolis, St Paul)

Coward Electronics (Minneapolis)

Cows  (Minneapolis)

The Cult of Lip  (Minneapolis)

Curtiss A (Minneapolis)

Degeneration  (Minneapolis)

Dillinger Four  (St Paul)

E.T.  (Minneapolis)

Final Conflict  Minneapolis)

Fingerprints  (Minneapolis)

Formaldehyde Junkies (Minneapolis)

The Funseekers (Minneapolis)

Garmonbozia (Minneapolis)

Ground Zero  (Minneapolis)

Halo of Flies  (Minneapolis)

Healthy Competition (Minneapolis)

Holding On (St Anthony villiage)

Homostupids (Minneapolis)

Horse Girl  (Minneapolis)

Hüsker Dü  (Minneapolis)

The Hypstrz (Minneapolis)

Idol Threat (Minneapolis)

Lemonade  (Minneapolis)

Libido Boyz  (Mankato)

Loud Fast Rules  (Minneapolis)

Low Forms (Duluth)

Low Rats (Minneapolis)

Lutheran Heat  (Minneapolis)

Gregor Mackenzie & the Misanthropes


The Magnolias  (Minneapolis)

Man Sized Action (Minneapolis)

The Mighty Mofos (Minneapolis)

Misery  (Minneapolis)

The MOR's  (Minneapolis)

Morticia  (Minneapolis)

Mother Of Fire  (Minneapolis)

Much Worse  (Minneapolis)

Neo Neos (Minneapolis)

NNB  (Minneapolis)

Otto's Chemical Lounge  


Outcry  (Minneapolis)

Partial Traces  (Minneapolis)

The Peasants  (Minneapolis)

The Pistons  (Minneapolis)

Porcupine  (Minneapolis)