St louis Missouri Scene Report

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St louis has a thriving punk/hardcore scene with Red Flag leading the pack Independant music. St Louis is filled with diversity whether your in the heart of the Delmar loop checking out an independant art film at the Tivoli or maybe just finding your favorite music at Vintage Vinyl. St. Louis is culture infested with good eating! including international foods like Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese and Greek restaurants. The loops has several music venues that house different kinds of music events. To start with, you have blueberry hill a restaurant on top, with music in the basement. The Father of Rock & Roll Chuck Berry himself inducted the Duck Room downstairs and played there many times, and has a 8-foot statue in his honor smack dead in the center of the loop. Next is the Delmar Hall ramped up a bit bigger in size then the duck room, houses various Music acts as well with not much standing room but composed mostly of seats with a nice sized Bar.  Larger venues like the Pageant arena sized or maybe you could hit the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater for still more exciting events. Whatever your preference is I'm sure you can find something to catch your attention for music and entertainment. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and experience St Louis!