A Burning Bus  (Asheville)

A Number of Things  (Raleigh)

Abuse.  (Raleigh)

Adderall   (Asheville)

Angry Youth (Knoxville)

Antiseen  (Charlotte)

Archers Of Loaf  (NC)

Autarch  (Asheville)

Bad Eric  (Greensboro)

The Beef People (Greenville)

Bitch Magnet - (Chapel hill)


(NC, Raleigh->VA, Richmond)

The Boron Heist  (Charlottesville)

Brain F≠  (Charlotte)

Brain Toilet  (NC)

Catharsis   (Greensboro)

Cochonne   (Durham)

Mitch Cooper  (Charlotte)

Corrosion of Conformity


The dB's  

(NC, Winston / Salem-> NYC)

Double Negative (Raleigh)

Drugcharge  (Raleigh)

Drunk In A Dumpster  (Asheville)

Essex Muro  (Raleigh)

Few Good Things (Raleigh)

Fitness Womxn (NC)

F.V.K.  (Raleigh)

The Happy Eggs  (Charlotte)

Bret Hart  (Eden)

Horseflesh (Asheville)

ISS (Charlotte)

Lifters (Durham)

Mad Brother Ward  (Charlotte)

Mutant Strain (Charlotte)

Naked Angels  (NC)

No Labels (Raleigh)

No Love  (Raleigh)

No Tomorrow (Wilmington)

NRg  (Hickory)

A Number of Things (Raleigh)

Patois Counselors (Charlotte)

Personality Cult (NC)

Pure Scum (Raleigh)

Secret Boyfriend (Carrboro)

Skemäta  (Raleigh)

Stripmines (Raleigh)

Subculture  (Winston-Salem)

Village Pistols  (Greensboro)

Vision/Decay  (Beach)

Vitamin Girls (Raleigh)

Vittna (Raleigh)

Żegota (Greensboro)

Scene Report